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  • Medical Technologist Careers

    different. The field of medical technology consists of analyzing a variety of blood, tissue, body fluid and microorganism samples. “Preparing the samples for examination, using automated equipment and specialized instrumentation, performing numerous complicated tests simultaneously, and accurately interpreting the results are all part of a medical technologist’s job” (Medical Technologist). They identify specific microorganisms to pin point specific diseases, although medical technologists do not make the diagnoses,…

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  • Laboratory Testing Research Paper

    Clinical laboratory professionals perform a wide range of tests to provide information for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Laboratory tests are classified into four major areas: microbiology, blood banking, clinical chemistry and hematology. Clinical laboratory professionals collect and process specimens, perform tests, analyze and interpret results, and report data. Each of these steps requires high standards of quality, accuracy and timeliness. Laboratory personnel are categorized into…

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  • Clinical Pathology And SWOT Analysis

    Evolution in health care expenditures I inevitable as is growth of the general curtailment. This article examines “laboratory operations” and “clinical pathology knowledge processes” to discuss the need for clinical pathologist to implement an institutional model through unified laboratory networks to protect their services. The author utilizes strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) methodology to study data processes and propose future strategies for clinical pathologist and…

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  • Becoming A Clinical Pathologist

    physician’s decisions are based on laboratory results”(Katz). While the doctors may have a good idea about the diagnosis based upon their past experience and expertise, the definitive and final diagnosis always rests with the pathologist. Although clinical pathology is a very important medical field it does not always get the recognition it deserves, one of its biggest challenges is that not a lot of talented young people enter into it because it has never been a center of attention and most…

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  • Non Value Added Research Paper

    healthcare than a clinical laboratory. Leisurely practices are prone to poor healthcare value which drives down patient satisfaction and drives up costs, hence affecting an entities profitable margin. Laboratory experts can define two phases of value when discussing the production of laboratory testing as either value-added or non-value added. Generally, value added is only beneficial when a patient or providers recognizes laboratory revisions, that new changes transform the medical data…

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  • Promotion Of HIV Self-Testing As An Recommendations

    research project is "Willingness of Medical Technologists to Undergo Self-testing for Human Immunodeficiency Virus". This Informed Consent Form has two parts: • Information sheet (to share information about the research with you) • Certificate of Consent (for signatures if you agree to take part) You will be given a copy of the full Informed Consent Form PART I. Information Sheet Introduction The researchers of Far Eastern University- Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation will be doing an…

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  • Danny Najera

    I want to be a doctor, an artist, a scientist, and a poet. My dreams are grandiose, but I have taught about these things often. I chose my Biology Professor Danny Najera from Green river College to interview. I chose Dr. Najera because he is a research scientist who is passionate about his work. Danny is not the typical scientist. He is a funny, sarcastic character. This man is not clean shaven rather he can be described as a rough, ruddy man. His hair is long, and his face not shaven. His…

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  • Neil Degrasse Tyson Critical Thinking Summary

    , and if so, should a scientist research and share scientific information or leave it alone. For years in the past humans used the gods/God to explain all the natural events that happened in the world. In Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s essay he shows the contrast between science and knowledge and using the gods/God to explain scientific feats. Tyson claims that scientists must choose because knowledge cannot work with the act of referring to a deity as an explanation for the acts in the world. Tyson…

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  • Science In Barry's 'The Great Influenza'

    wrong and pushes its pursuer to explore knowledge that had previously never been explored. Scientists are expected to grasp knowledge that no one had ever before been presented with, making the field of scientific research one filled with risk and unpredictability. In the excerpt from The Great Influenza,…

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  • Charles Darwin Research Paper

    achievments were very minor and at the concern of his father he was removed. His father stated, "You care for nothing but shooting dogs and rat catching, and you will be a disgrace to yourself and your whole family." Robert Darwin enrolled his son in Edinburgh to study medicine. Young Darwin did not like the subject and could barely even watch operations, which at that time they performed without Anesthesia. In 1827 Charles was sent to Christ's College in Cambridge to prepare for holy…

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