Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

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  • A Case Study Of Ernst And Young

    Alberta Energy Regulator: Merger Integration and Business Transformation. The business situation of this service is the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) needed to comply with the Alberta government’s new authorization that grouped under Regulatory Enhancement Projects (REP). REP is a collection of programs related to the entire energy management transition to a single "one-window" organization in Alberta. Which simply means Combining and transforming the regulatory functions of the Energy Resource…

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  • Environmental Sustainability For Publix Supermarket, Inc.

    recruit and retain highly skilled personnel. Environmental Sustainability for Publix Supermarket, Inc The Publix Supermarket chains environmental sustainability helps balance the needs of humanity in the midst of the living earth needs by meeting today’s demands, without compromising tomorrow’s essentials associated with the green routine that was established in 2001 to help the environment be more eco friendly (Publix, 2014). Furthermore, it is design to encourage environmentally responsible…

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  • Gcu Mission Vision And Values Case Study

    enhance the region’s environmental resources.” This statement is…

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  • Ikea Sustainability

    As the biggest company in the sector, IKEA is being closely monitored by the NGO’s working for environmental issues. It needs to make sure to avoid publicity scandals like the one related to exploitation of ancient forests in Russia by IKEA’s subsidiary Swedwood. Operating with ideas of sustainability is necessary in order to build a transparent picture…

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  • Ecomagination Case Study

    availability, new demand on natural resources, infrastructure and access to energy in emerging and rapidly growing economies. Ecomagination puts into practice GE’s belief that financial and environmental performance can be integrated to accelerate profitable growth for the company as well as serve the society. Eric Ortman, Supply Chain Executive with GE Oil & Gas noted, “Ecoimagination is pointed at increasing environmental responsibility in both products in the field and manufacturing…

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  • Kia Motor Company Case Study

    (UNDP), millennium Development Goals (MDGs through its social outreach activities. See Appendix 11 Kia fulfills corporate social responsibility (CSR) on three fronts - social contributions, sustainable operations and business ethics - under the leadership of the enterprise-wide Social Responsibility Council. The first phase of the CSR initiative focused on ensuring that headquarters and local entities around the world shared the same objectives regarding CSR. The second phase focuses on…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Going Green

    Pollution, acid rain, toxic waste, global warming, sustainability, recycling; these terms are thrown into society and people start to believe there may not be a solution to the endless usage of oil, buildup of landfills, and seepage of chemicals into rivers. While there will always be individuals who fight against the possibility of going green, it just takes one individual at a time to make a difference. From the simple solution of planting a garden suggested by Pollan to the extensive research…

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  • Offshore Wind Project Case

    Offshore wind energy is an innovative approach to addressing climate change and the global energy crisis. Although many projects have begun, there are currently no offshore operational projects in the United States. Through the case study of the failed Cape Wind project, we can better understand the importance of integrating aspects of land use planning, environmental impact assessments, and historical and human considerations when designing a project like an offshore wind plant. Furthermore,…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Stadiums

    the Chicago Bears for 44 years and is currently operated by SMG. Soldier Field meets its environmentally-conscious goals of providing a healthy and safe building for its occupants, through programs that promote lower operating costs, conservation of energy and water, and reduction in waste and harmful greenhouse gas emissions. 6. AAMI Park (aka Melbourne Rectangular Stadium): Located in Melbourne, Australia, the AAMI park is one of the first rectangular stadiums of its kind. Since being…

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  • Tim Cook Leadership Style

    When Tim Cook took over Apple following Steve Jobs’ death, many wondered what kind of leader he would be. Cook was strong at executing on the operations of technology and design. He is willing to do things Jobs was against, such as making investors and employees happy with stock-buyback and charitable-giving programs. In November 2012, Apple donated $2.5 million to the American Red Cross to aid relief efforts after Hurricane Sandy. Tim Cook strongly believes in admitting when you are wrong.…

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