Lean software development

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  • The Traffic Management Office (TMO)

    Have Comm Sq complete a beta test for HHT Software and hardware at TMO warehouses and maintain a continuity Instruction for their personnel The Cross- Functional Support team responsible in seeing to the smooth transition and development of TMO Receiving Section would include Career Functional and Training Senior and Junior non- commissioned officers (SNCO/JNCO) members from both the Supply and TMO career Fields as well as, at a minimum, two high-performing direct line workers from each career fields from high volume base locations under Major Commands. The team must have member who have held titles such as Flight Chiefs, superintendents & NCO In-Charge as these titles show members have expertise in human resources, operations management and Budget management. Using team members that work in supply, from which the Receiving Section will be transitioning out, the team can ascertain…

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  • Code And Fix Research Paper

    Hence the physical design and specifications are generated simultaneously. Whereas the other main prototyping method is more structured and does not allow for this, following a rigid model where the plans are set and then followed throughout the development process. What is Scrum in relation to Agile? Basically Scrum is a type of Agile used for software development. Scrum can be seen as a type of cross-functioning group that bounces workloads back and forth in order to complete the project in…

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  • Agile Development Case Study

    Maintenance phase, if the consumer finds errors and problems; the company will make necessary changes and upgrades to meet customer demands and loyalty. Agile development is heavily based on mathematical computations (Agile Methodology). It focuses on rapid delivery for functional components. Task at hand can be prioritized by the organization (Agile Methodology). If another emergent task appears the plan can be reprioritized and the information can be replanned for the future. The status of…

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  • Waterfall To Agile Case Study

    Agile were the eradication of offshore software developments teams and a transition to in-house software developers in Arizona, as well as the combination of the QA and development teams with extensive cross training in their respective specialties. The rationale behind the transition of offshore to in-house development deals with the fact that Agile development requires close proximity between team members in order to daily communication and cooperation. Moreover, the fact that…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Project Management

    3 Project Management 3.1 Methodology Since ultimately, this project is concerned with the development of an application for real users, it is important that we follow a user-centred approach. Not only should such an approach involve users at the early stages of the project when requirements are gathered, but it should involve users during the design, development and the evaluation process as well. User involvement is crucial as it gives them the opportunity to identify problems with the system…

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  • Summary Of The Lean Start Up

    The lean management methodology upon which this book was based began from the lean manufacturing principles developed by Taiichi Ohno for the Toyota company in the mid-1900s. Ohno’s approach to production was anything that did not provide immediate value to the customer was considered a waste of resources and subsequently eliminated. This revolutionized Toyota’s manufacturing procedures and inspired many modern project management styles used today. Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, applied…

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  • Lean Manufacturing Case Study

    After reading the article International transference of lean production systems by Reynold Peter James we have Known that the Lean production process is more than three decades old and is generally practiced for reduction of waste management and quality management. Toyota started using lean production process in 1950s to Toyota Production System was established on ideas intended to expand stream, dispose of waste of all types, and it acquired an incredible change organization by getting…

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  • Quality Methodologies Analysis

    Be it a product or service, the Six Sigma methodology is widely uses across manufacturing and transactional projects alike (I Six Sigma, 2016). Effective use of Six Sigma concepts are taught by trained experts to the whole of the team (University of Pennsylvania, 2005). There are tow primary tools of Six Sigma, The Six Sigma DMAIC process (D-define, M-measure, A-analyze, I-improve, C-control) and, The Six Sigma DMADV process (D-define, M-measure, A-analyze, D-design, V-verify)(I Six Sigma,…

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  • Lean Six Sigma Case Study

    4.1 Lean Six Sigma Definition: Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a methodology that improve performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation. It is a combination between Six Sigma method and the waste reduction philosophy of LEAN engineering. Mentioning about Six Sigma, it has eight kinds of waste that no company wants during their process - it doesn’t add any value to the customers: + Defects: The product isn’t in accordance with customer wishes, inaccurate, late, incomplete Staff…

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  • Lean Supply Chain Case Study

    Thus, as the combination of lean approach and supply chain management, lean supply chain management has been carried out as a new concept for today’s new business models. In order to introduce the lean supply chain management and it’s long-term benefits, this article has been divide into six sections. After this introduction, second section provides an introduction of lean supply chain and the relationship between lean approach and supply chain management. Third section presents the drivers of…

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