Traffic Management Office Case Study

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The Traffic Management Office (TMO) career field is one of many in the United States Air Force (USAF). The sections of this career field includes Passenger Travel Movement, Personal Property Movement and Cargo Movement. It generally serves members facilitating and/or initiating the transportation/movement of people, property and cargo within the USAF across the national land international locations, including members deploying and permanently changing of duty stations. TMO airmen move the Air Force.
While TMO may be known for the assistance the Passenger Travel and Personal Property sections provide to military members and their families in the relocation process required when members receive transportation orders, TMO has a third section that
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The essential thing in going lean is to eliminate the waste. “Stripped to its roots, lean focuses on decreasing waste, increasing value to the customer and a process of continuous improvement.” (Dalto, 2015) There are 8 wastes categories recognized when going lean, they are Unutilized People, inventory, motion, waiting, transporting, defects, overproduction and over processing (Sarkar, 2009). The goal for the Receiving section is to eliminate Motion, which is unnecessary walking; waiting, which is wasted time waiting for the next step in the process; Transportation, the unnecessary movement of items and Defects, efforts caused by rework and incorrect information. In introducing the receiving section to the TMO career field, value must be identified, by asking questions in regards to customers’ needs. The next is to create a value stream mapping which is “Value stream mapping is a visual means to depict and improve the flow of manufacturing and production process, as well as the information that controls the flow of materials through the process. It is the preferred methodology for identifying the inherent waste and losses within an operation.” (Mobley, 2013). This will allow us to actively document and analyze how value changes and flows as the section grows. Very importantly is this …show more content…
Have Comm Sq complete a beta test for HHT Software and hardware at TMO warehouses and maintain a continuity Instruction for their personnel The Cross- Functional Support team responsible in seeing to the smooth transition and development of TMO Receiving Section would include Career Functional and Training Senior and Junior non- commissioned officers (SNCO/JNCO) members from both the Supply and TMO career Fields as well as, at a minimum, two high-performing direct line workers from each career fields from high volume base locations under Major Commands. The team must have member who have held titles such as Flight Chiefs, superintendents & NCO In-Charge as these titles show members have expertise in human resources, operations management and Budget management. Using team members that work in supply, from which the Receiving Section will be transitioning out, the team can ascertain what worked and what

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