Persuasive Essay About Going Green

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Pollution, acid rain, toxic waste, global warming, sustainability, recycling; these terms are thrown into society and people start to believe there may not be a solution to the endless usage of oil, buildup of landfills, and seepage of chemicals into rivers. While there will always be individuals who fight against the possibility of going green, it just takes one individual at a time to make a difference. From the simple solution of planting a garden suggested by Pollan to the extensive research suggested by Dirks. Sustainability is an issue Huber has traced back to our Founding Fathers to the present where everyone knows General Motors. Simpson, Toman, and Ayers reveal the government policies that been put into place to enforce going green and reducing waste. While many activists …show more content…
It is best to begin with means. Because with pollution, there are in fact no ends.” (119, Huber) If we begin to believe that there is no end to pollution then we have official given up on our future of the society, the ecosystem, and the earth. But if you “bother” then you have the power to convince others to do the same, because you can only lead by example (Pollan.) While there may always be individuals who oppose the going green movement, with varying excuses like not having the time. Terry Lake, a columnist for the Daily News, makes a convincing argument that one can save over $8,000 by replacing incandescent bulbs, running the dishwasher when it is complete full and reducing shower time. Lake understands the struggles of going green; he tells how his family is constantly counteracting his sustainable actions by taking thirty minute showers or leaving light or appliances on when not in use. So it often comes back to these individuals that we say why should we make the efforts if there are opposing pollution creators, but each and every individual makes a difference and that effort can inspire others to follow

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