SPU Case Study

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Q1. Appendix C. identifies the existing Mission, Vision, and Values of the SPU. Use the information in the case and the Appendices as the data for your analysis in answering the following questions:
A. Are the stated SPU mission, vision, and values aligned with how SPU actually behaves?
To answer this question, one has to go through SPU mission, vision, and values in details, and then analyze its performance and how SPU actually behaves.

SPU mission states that “We provide our customers with a reliable water supply and essential sewer, drainage, solid waste, and engineering services that safeguard public health, maintain the City’s infrastructure, and protect, conserve, and enhance the region’s environmental resources.” This statement is
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The Director of Field Office and Human Resources sensed that the staff were burnout. The survey showed that 77% believed that the change is necessary. In the workshop of conflict management, one supervisor felt that she lost her integrity during the change process because she keep promise her crew that the workload will calm down, but it never does. All these factors indicate that motivation is need to reestablish SPU energy value. In Appendix I: Performance Management Framework, the customer service measure illustrated that SPU meet or exceed their targets, whereas, the director’s office showed that no masseurs parameters for communication, which proves employees’ claim of lack of communications and failure …show more content…
Assume you apply for and are selected to replace Diana Gayle and decide you wish to become mutual learning leader. What would you do to prepare yourself to become a mutual learning leader, and what would you say and to whom would you say it about your intention to become a mutual learning leader.
To prepare myself to become a mutual learning leader, I would operate from mutual learning mindset and encourage my employees to do so. I would establish a mutual ground of teamwork and allow taking lead in a process of solving a risen problem. I would focus more on how to resolve the situation than who direct to solve it. I would see the problem as a puzzle and each member of your team as having a piece of this puzzle. I have read and realized that the Mutual Learning approach are common sense but not common practice.
I would say that mutual learning leader practice allows me and my team to work more effectively. I would also explain the mutual learning values which are transparency, curiosity, informed choice, accountability, and compassion. I would define the mutual learning assumptions as the following; I have information and so do other people; people may disagree with me and still have pure motives; I may be contributing to the problem; each of us sees things others don’t; and differences are opportunities for

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