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  • Lean On Me Joe Clark Analysis

    Between a Teacher and a Parent The Ethos and Pathos Of Joe Clark’s Speech In the Movie “Lean on Me” “This is an institution of learning, ladies and gentlemen. If you can 't control it, how can you teach? Discipline is not the enemy of enthusiasm!” By Joe Clark (Morgan Freeman) Passion is the source which motivates the will to teach. It is clear, teachers do not step into the education field for the money. This is evident in the movie “Lean on Me” as Morgan Freeman is demoted to an elementary principal after having the title of a high school history teacher and the founder of the Union Executive Board because teachers were promised by the Board of Education a better salary if Mr. Clark was transferred. This problem continues today as teachers…

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  • Lean On Me

    Van Lupardi 10/30 Criminal Justice Chanelle, James East Side High Review Lean on Me is a movie about young people growing up in a community that has many different challenges such as: gangs, moral poverty, an environment subject to criminal activity, and drugs. These influences are seen throughout the movie many times and Mr. Clark, the principle and hero of the school, must conform the students at East Side High to overcome these issues and come together to be educated…

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  • Lean On Me Analysis

    Lean on Me is a biographical dramatization written by Michael Schiffer and edited by John Avildsen. This film was produced by Norman Twain and directed by John Avildsen. Lean on Me is a rated PG 13 drama which features a New Jersey High School, East Side High, which became the towns deeply troubled minority high school where drug-dealing, violence and intimidation dominated the culture of the school. The fiery and compelling performances of the characters made this film one that will linger in…

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  • Discipline In Lean On Me

    Discipline is an important part of raising a child and it is especially important when a child is in high school. High school is a time in a child’s life when they start to experiment with different things, like drugs and sex and they are still trying to figure out who they are. In the movie, “Lean on Me”, Principal Joe Clark disciplines the students and teachers by suspending them and keeping them to stay in school by putting locks on the door. Joe Clark wanted to help the kids out enough that…

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  • Poverty In Lean On Me

    In the movies, Lean on Me and American Teacher, have a common theme of poverty throughout. This is a common issue in urban education. In Lean on Me the school is known as the worst school in New Jersey. Drug dealers and gang members were running the school. The students weren’t able to pass the state’s basic assessment test. Many of the students were from a minority household and have behavioral issues. The school lacks a security system and is forced to work with out-of-date resources. While…

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  • The Movie Lean On Me

    Movie based on a true story called “lean on me” that directed by John G. Avildsen. The mean character is Morgan Freeman as “Ms. Joe Clark” who became the new principal of high school in Paterson, New Jersey. This particular school is no longer a place to get education from, but basically a place that full of drug dealing, violence issues, and uneducated barbarically students. In order that, Ms. Clark has been chosen by the mayor to takes the school leading and get it under control.…

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  • Examples Of Pathos In Lean On Me

    In the movie Lean on Me, Joe Clark persuades the staff and students that hard work is necessary in order to be successful through the use of pathos, logos and ethos. One of the successful ways that he persuades them is using pathos, he appeals to their emotion. First, he calls 100 students on to the stage and kicks them out because they were a threat to the other students. It might make students upset but it send a message that need to be made. This is effective method because he shows his new…

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  • Joe Clark Lean On Me Analysis

    In the movie Lean on Me, Joe Clark enticed the student’s that everyone is capable of starting in the dirt and ending at the top, like a seed that evolves into an enormous tree. Mr. Clark provides various ways towards the student’s that they can still succeed in school and life. Mr. Clark does not play around when it comes to education. Education is the most important entity in his eyes, and Mr. Clark tries to explain to everyone why. The way Joe proposed this to the student’s is by…

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  • Mr. Joe Clark In The Film Lean On Me

    Based on a true story, “Lean on me” tells the story of a principal Mr. Joe Clark, a far from ordinary man, who performs a miracle by saving a high school. The P-G 13 rated film that last for 108 minutes, was directed by John G. Avildsen, written by Michael Schiffer and starred Morgan Freeman in their 1989 drama film. Other supporting characters include Beverly Todd, Lynne Thigpen and Jermaine Hopkins. “Lean on me” is an extraordinary film that should inspire educators and students strictly…

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  • Personal Narrative: Lean On Me By Bill Withers

    matter of seconds. That was me on June 17th, 2014 the last day of 8th grade. Preparing for this day was one of the toughest most challenging things I had to do in my life. Every year on the last day of school the 8th grade choir would sing “Lean on me” by Bill Withers at the end of the year assembly. We sang this song because it represented the departing of middle school friends and moving on to the big leagues of high school. Even though we would say are…

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