Ecomagination Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… [8] Ecomagination program targets society and business challenges such as depletion of known oil and gas reserves, lack of clean water availability, new demand on natural resources, infrastructure and access to energy in emerging and rapidly growing economies.
Ecomagination puts into practice GE’s belief that financial and environmental performance can be integrated to accelerate profitable growth for the company as well as serve the society. Eric Ortman, Supply Chain Executive with GE Oil & Gas noted, “Ecoimagination is pointed at increasing environmental responsibility in both products in the field and manufacturing processes”. Eric further explained that to support the strategy, “the company measures GHG (greenhouse gasses emissions) footprint reduction in factories, and considers product safety in design practices”.

Healthymagination: GE’s Healthymagination aligns one of the company’s core business sectors (GE healthcare) with one of the biggest global societal challenges of both the developed and developing world: “addressing the trade-offs between cost, access
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We found a comparison metrics comparing sustainability key performance metrics (KPIs) to rank global companies by Corporate Knights. According to their ranking 2013, GE ranked 51[21]. Being global top 3 companies, we felt GE need to invest more to compete with their competitors (Appendix 4) like Siemens which is doing better than GE in all the KPIs considered for ranking like Energy productivity, CO2 productivity, Innovation capacity and Safety Performance. The reason could be focus on growth currently in emerging economics rather on sustainability as per Jeffry Sommer, Global leader healthcare operations -

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