Case Study Of Environmental Sustainability For Publix Supermarket, Inc

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Environmental Sustainability for Publix Supermarket, Inc
The Publix Supermarket chains environmental sustainability helps balance the needs of humanity in the midst of the living earth needs by meeting today’s demands, without compromising tomorrow’s essentials associated with the green routine that was established in 2001 to help the environment be more eco friendly (Publix, 2014). Furthermore, it is design to encourage environmentally responsible habits by associates to utilize at home, work, as well as being aware of consumption at home and establish policies at
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Thereby, powering 84,000 homes a year (assumption the typical home utilize 1000 kwh a month for a year) allowing this program to help Publix Supermarket reduce companywide electricity usage by at least 9.6% in existing stores as well as 23% in new store designs (Publix, 20140. The Publix Supermarket chain social and environmental responsibility is not a trend of the moment for the company; however, it is part of their foundation, mission statement, company strategy but, most importantly a program that will be around forever. Conversely, the company constantly continues processing, and examining their stores processes, warehouses and offices for ways to better improve how they do things working closely with suppliers in helping discover, create, as well as develop better ways to distribute, manufacture and package more (Publix, …show more content…
The company donates good foods that past sell by dates to help feed the hungry, forward food scrapes to feed animals, as well as utilize organic composting (Publix, 2014).
• 27, 000 tons of food wastes by products.
• Divert 20,500 tons of food waste from landfills for compost or animal feed from their 529 stores that participate in the food waste diversion program.
• 132 trailer loads of food donated to Feed the Hungry as well as deliver bulks from Publix distribution centers.
Recycle program awarded 2014 Environmental Steward Award for the year from Recycle Florida Today for their outstanding recycling programs that educates, encourage customers and associates to practice environmental responsibility and serve as an industry leader displaying best practices throughout their facilities (Publix, 2014).
• 3.5 million Plastic bags saved through their continued front service on proper bagging techniques as well as customers’ use of reusing bags.
• 36 million reusable bags sold or given away since 2007
• 5.8 million Vials returned to pharmacy by customers so that stores return to vial manufacturer to recycle into new

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