St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance Case Study

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John Van Hegel founded the world’s first food bank in 1967 and named it St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance. He’s inspiration came about when he was volunteering at St. Vincent Depaul and a mother shared how her children’s source of food came from grocery store dumpsters and soup kitchens. This lead to his ideology behind food banks, which meant corporations and the community can donate the products and individuals in need could withdraw what they needed, so with determination, an abounded building, and $3,000. He was able to make his vision into a reality and start one of the most successful food banks in the United State

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance currently server’s two- thirds of Arizona’s counties and distributed nearly 66 million pounds
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The programs consist of Emergency Food Boxes, The Community Kitchen, Ck Catering, Child Nutrition Programs, Hunger Heroes, and The Mobile Pantry. The Mobile Pantry is an extension of the emergency food box program and gives individuals, who live in rural areas the opportunity to receive food boxes by bringing them to these communities. Once a month on a Wednesday, a St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance truck will be parked outside a selected school, which would be filled with pallets of nutritious food and will be giving them out to deserving families within that community. Even though, this particular program has increased to over 30 sites in both rural and urban neighborhoods it is unfortunately the lowest funded program St Mary’s offers, so with your gracious donation of $75,000 we will be able to expand our highly demanded services to more than 35 other neighborhoods, just to display how much our program can impact a person’s life, I would like to you present you with a testimonial from one of our clients. Mable, who once worked in the Non-Profit Sector as a food bank coordinator, is now a retiree that supports her husband and grandson on a $500 income, causing her to rely on St. Mary’s Mobile Pantry at Kaibab Estates West, in the rural Ash Fork area. The food box that she receives once a month from the mobile pantry ,allows her to stretch out her food budget being that, it comes with

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