Sustainability Case Study: Telus

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1. Describe how this initiative provides a sustainable benefit to the respective business.

In the video, a Telus building in downtown Toronto wanted to promote the idea of sustainability by growing vegetables on the building top and selling them to employees and donating the money to local charities. This idea can provide a valuable sustainable benefit for Telus because it will encourage and educate employees so they can contribute to the sustainability of the company. By educating and encouraging employees, they will be more aware and can participate in other future initiatives. This will not only have a positive impact on the community but also on Telus as a company by shifting their way of thinking to a more sustainable focus. Throughout the GM video, there was many interesting methods they implement to ensure that there is zero wastage. GM is cutting costs because they have zero waste disposal, which is better for the environment. This is a sustainable benefit for the company because they are not only saving money but are making money from selling the old materials they don’t need. Since new car designs and materials are always changing, the money can be put towards new and improved sustainable efforts.

2. What other benefits might
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While many consumers may not be as interested in their efforts, they have the potential to appeal to a broader market that includes those ‘green’ consumers. While this portion may be small in the bigger picture, it is still a great aspect of the company and something that will only continue to evolve. In addition, both GM and Telus will set an example for other companies. They are setting the bar high which will give them a competitive advantage. It would be interesting to see companies competing to ‘out do’ each other on the basis of

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