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  • Denali National Park Essay

    uncommon for the wolf population to have such a large range in size. Sherwonit goes on to add that “the species is known to experience cyclical highs and lows in response to prey availability, weather, human harvest, and other factors”. But up until recently, numbers never fell below 78, and most of the time were more than 90 (Sherwonit). This is the cause of concern. For the last few decades, numbers have been on the higher end of the range. Now, historic packs known for their numbers are on…

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  • Usher Raymond Research Paper

    How much do you know about Usher Raymond? Did you know that he was born on October 14, 1978, and had released his first album in 1994 at the age of 15 and continued on, cause I know I didn’t know that. Also Usher’s songs have constantly landed on the chart and earned several Grammys, people choice awards, and among other honors. He had sold up to 1 million copies of the album “ Confessions” in the first week it got released. ( Usher Raymond was born on “October 14, 1978 in…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Internship With Massage Envy

    For example, when we find that a client has limited range of motion in their right arm. We have an obligation to inform the client as well as writing it down on the medical intake form. Suggesting different ways to improve the range of motion, would still be under our scope of practice. Another example could be finding a bruise somewhere on their body. The client failed to mention the bruise…

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  • Musical Analysis Of Phantom Of The Opera

    The 2004 movie, The Phantom of the Opera, is based off the original 1986 musical that was produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The actual movie is also produced by Webber and is directed by Joel Schumacher. It was released in the United States in December of 2004 and has been a hit ever since. The musical is still very popular and is performed on stages across the world to this day. Each musical scene in The Phantom of the Opera is sung in opera, so one has to have a special talent to perform. Some…

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  • Project Squatch Analysis

    Project Squatch “Now for your final project in my class, you will be going around the United States researching, studying, and exploring different parts of your topic.” explained Professor Mosby. “The topics you can choose from will be displayed on the board momentarily.” What was going through Muhammad Blackwood’s mind was very specific. It was about what topic he would choose if he got the glorious chance to pick first. Groups were chosen yesterday in class. Muhammad Blackwood, Chance…

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  • Dorindi Madrigal Analysis

    When comparing Claudio Monteverdi’s compositional techniques in his madrigal “Dorinda, ah dirò” to what was traditionally expected in the prima practice, one notices a nonchalant treatment of dissonances, as well as an overall quickened sense of rhythm and far too many liberations in melodic writing. While observing Monteverdi’s madrigal, one notices several instances of note-against note dissonances. The first instance (example 1.1) displays dissonances of a seventh and a ninth between the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Where Does My Identity Lie

    Where does my identity lie? My identity lies shaped within the continuous chorus and dazzling beats of music, where time seems to fly by and the listener is in a trace of beauty, elegance, rage, fun, happiness, etc. Everything I click and every thumbs up or down I make shapes me. As if I were a block of stone and the song are each a chisel and a hammer chipping away at me till they get their final product. From the time I was born music has been in my life but I have been blind to the way it has…

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  • Great Vocal Tracks In The Studio Essay

    response curve (how it responds to different frequencies). Incidentally, each vocalist has unique tonal characteristics about his or her voice. A woman with a strong presence at 5kHz is not wisely matched with a mic that also boosts that same 5kHz range. In short, the ideal situation is one where the mic is not only high quality, but is a good match for the particular vocalist’s. Let’s look at a few examples of some nice vocal…

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  • Essay On Mount St. Helens

    crash together, move apart, and rub against each other forming most volcanoes. The tectonic collisions are a slow-moving event, as if set in slow motion, creating a long process that eventually resulting in the formation of volcanoes. The Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest is known for its deep evergreen forests and numerous tall jagged cones and this area is home to the Strato-Volcano Peak known today as Mount St. Helens. Originally named “Louwala-Clough,” or “Smoking Mountain,” by the…

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  • Personal Essay: Courage In Hispanic Culture

    Having courage is probably one of the most important things to me. We can refer to it as two different ways. One is it courage to face danger and the second way is having courage to do something you are afraid of. In this case, it’s having the courage to sing publicly. Ever since I was little, singing and dancing has been a talent i’ve had since I was about 5 years old. I grew up wanting to be like other celebrities seen on television and my parents would see how much dance performance and…

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