Interquartile range

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  • Distance To Crime

    Article 1: Age and the distance to crime. 1) In the Age and the distance to crime study, research is conducted to examine if the distance to crime varies by age, and if the distance to crime varies across different crime classifications. According to the authors, three proposals are made that suggest young offenders travel a short distance to crime that increases during adolescence; the distance to crime peaks in early adulthood and decreases as age continues to increase; and strength of…

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  • Arthroplasty Essay

    They found that the maximum pain relief was superior in the Fascia iliaca block group both at rest (P < 0.01) and on movement (P = 0.02). The median total morphine consumption was 0 mg (interquartile range, 0-0 mg) in the Fascia iliaca block group and 6 mg (interquartile range, 5-7 mg) in the morphine group (P < 0.01). Pain relief was superior at all times and at all measurements in the Fascia iliaca block group. The study supports the use of Fascia iliaca block in acute management…

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  • Occupational Safety And Health Management Case Study

    project. First, we measure financial performance as the profit margin generated by the project. The profit margin equates to the earnings before interest, taxes and amortization (EBITA) during the period of performance divided by the revenue during the same period. Second, we measure operational performance by extracting the client’s assessment of the contractor’s performance by the contractor from a U.S. Federal CPARS database in the evaluation areas of quality, cost control, management and…

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  • Essay On Multimorbidity

    INTRODUCTION Multimorbidity, the simultaneous coexistence in individuals of more than one disease state, has become increasingly common in health care settings (1, 2). Patients who have multimorbidity are more likely to be admitted to hospital, experience premature death or a loss of physical functioning and have poor quality of life (3). Patients with significant multimorbidity are usually excluded from clinical trials. This has led to a scarcity of evidence in relation to appropriate…

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  • Compound Measures

    Before we talk about measurement scales and why they matter we should first explain what they are. A compound measure allows us to measure different aspects of a topic people would find complex. This topic could range from stem cell research to abortion to gun control. The good thing about compound measures is they have a general reliability to them. What I mean is, if an error is made it often does not make the whole measurement go wrong. Compound measures should have several different…

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  • Summary: Explore Correlation And Regression

    randomly spread out from the target. It is important to identify the outliers; they have the potential to causes bias (Field, 2013) . For example, looking at the box plot it clear that the frequency is up to 75, but the outliers are displayed (beyond the range of data) 76 or more in this data signify a problem in the data (Triola, 2008) . Descriptive Statistics Figure 2 Descriptive Statistics Figure…

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  • Importance Of Dental Age Estimation

    For quantitative data, the Shapiro-Wilk test for normality was performed. For data that were not normally distributed median and interquartile range (expressed as 25th -75th percentiles) were calculated and Mann-Whitney test was used for comparison between independent groups while Wilcoxon signed rank test was used to compare related samples. Spearman's correlation was performed. For normally…

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  • Sample T-Test Paper

    One Sample T-Test: As proven by the one sample t-test (Figure 1) where the true mean of the difference of history chapter pages read is the unknown variable, there is significant statistical evidence at the standard 0.05 alpha value that listening to music while reading or studying increases scope of study. Because the t-value is positive, it is reasonable to note that listening to one’s favored music has a positive impact on reading larger quantities. 95% of all samples of differences in pages…

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  • Formal Inference: The Median Female Agreeableness

    difference between medians of 0.4 is 0.31 or 31% of the overall visual spread ((4.1-3.7)/(4.5-3.2)=0.31), is significant considering the sample size of 491. Thus, implying that the median for males to match/equal the median females, the male inter quartile range (IQR) should move 31% of the overall visual spread. From this we can make the decision that back in the population of females and males, based on this sample size, females are more agreeable than males. The standard deviation…

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  • Chopsticks Experiment

    (78.24). The girls also had a lower minimum time value than the boys, 33.46 for the fastest female and 48.5 for the fastest male. However, it can be argued that the males were more consistent in their times than the females. The boys had an Interquartile Range of 84.8 while the girls had and an IQR of 97.98. This means that the middle 50% of the boys’ times were all closer together than the females. Also, the males had a lower maximum time than the females, 323.98 for the slowest male and 339…

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