Project Squatch Analysis

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Project Squatch

“Now for your final project in my class, you will be going around the United States researching, studying, and exploring different parts of your topic.” explained Professor Mosby. “The topics you can choose from will be displayed on the board momentarily.” What was going through Muhammad Blackwood’s mind was very specific. It was about what topic he would choose if he got the glorious chance to pick first. Groups were chosen yesterday in class. Muhammad Blackwood, Chance Davenport, and Reginald Ryker. That was Muhammad’s group for this project. They all had been friends since middle school and are very glad to be working together. As Professor Mosby finishes writing all of the topics, Muhammad, Chance, and Reginald all look
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Blackwood asks with humor. “Dad no, just please let me finish. Okay so as I was saying, we were assigning projects to groups today and my group consists of me, Chance, and Reginald. We choose the topic of “Sasquatch Searching” not thinking much about it and once we read the packet, we realized something. We have to go to North Cascades National Park for this project.” You can now see that Mrs. Blackwood, “All the way in Washington! There is no way I am letting you go!” Mrs. Blackwood screeches with authority. “Hold on Jaylene, this might be a good experience for Muhammad, He is a Senior in highschool now, I think he can take care of himself.” Mr. Blackwood explains. “You two are going to have to really convince me that this is a good idea.” Mrs. Blackwood demands with the eyes of a hawk. The Blackwoods pondered on this idea and finally came to a conclusion that is will be a good experience for Muhammad before he goes off to college.
“Muhammad we have made a decision about you going to Washington!” Mrs. Blackwood cries out. “Alright I will be down in a minute!” Muhammad screeches from his
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“What 's your guy 's decision?” Muhammad respectfully asks. “We have made a final decision. We are going to let you go to North Cascade National Park. We think it would be a great experience for you” Mr. Blackwood explains. “Sweet! Thank you guys, I’m super excited to go!” Muhammad claims with excitement The next day, Muhammad goes to school and talks to his friends about the trip. He explains how his parents are allowing him to go. “My parents said they would let me go to Washington for the project. What did your parents say?” “Mine took a while to talk about it but they finally said it was okay for me to go!” Chance spoke softly
“My parents said yes right away! I was surprised on how happy they were for me to go.” Reginald explains.
The kids go to school the next day, excited and cheerful for the project. They walk in the school and on to their class. Mr. Mosby is writing something on the board but they can’t make it out until he finishes his final stroke of the scented expo marker.
“Projects due in 4 weeks, 1 week to prepare, 2 weeks to do the project, 1 week to finalize

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