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  • Hanoch X Shuharari Case Study

    Materials and methods Plant material and field experiment details Total of 266 RILs were developed from a cross of Hanoch X Harari closely related Virginia-type peanut cultivars (Supplementary Fig 1). The two parental cultivars share substantial genetic background since Harari was developed from an initial cross between Hanoch and Shulamit and an additional back-cross of Hanoch with Hillah (the outcome of Hanoch x Shulamit) (Kayam et al. 2017). Yet, these parental lines show fair phenotypic…

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  • Essay On Preschool Observation

    a week in the basement where they exercise together. Dance to songs and an obstacle course was setup. The teacher demonstrated to the students beforehand on what to do and what not do during the obstacle course. The obstacle course consisted of hula hoop jump, slide, jumping on the trampoline, walking across balance beam, 5 jumping jacks, and 2 summersaults on the mat. • The students did several activities which supported them in learning different kinds of language skills. All the students…

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  • Brigg's Typology Analysis

    The Waterhouse Center was an incredible experience and an appropriate use of class time. The activities served as an informal way to get to know our peers, as well as an opportunity to analyze our own behavior. As a member of group “A” led by Bernie, we successfully accomplished a majority of the different events on his property. I will explain how we experienced success and trouble as a group, as well as how I handled my Myer’s Brigg’s typology and Big 5 personality types in relation to other…

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  • Blue Hawaii Movie Analysis

    The protagonist of the movie Blue Hawaii is Chadwick Gates, played by Elvis Presley, who has just gotten out of the Army and is very excited to be back in Hawaii, reunited with his beloved surfboard, his beach buddies and his Native Hawaiian girlfriend Maile Duval. His parents, especially his mother Sarah Lee, want him to take over their family business, the Great Southern Fruit Company, but Chad does not want to and starts to work as a tour guide at his girlfriend’s agency. His first group…

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  • Hawaii Paradise Research Paper

    first stepped in the Islands of Hawaii. While looking around the airport, there was one thing in my mind. “Is Hawaii really a paradise?” Throughout my stay here, I discovered the answer to this question. While going towards our gate number, I saw hula dancers dancing passionately, and giving happiness to passengers who see them. When we arrived in Maui, my uncle and grandfather gave me leis. Everyone gave me a warm welcome. Whenever my father introduced me to a person he knew, he/ she welcomed…

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  • Lily Butler In Claude Monet's Garden

    Upbringing is an act of parents instructing a child about general knowledge or ethic based on diverse viewpoints of each person toward the society and norm. In this painting, the artist mainly focuses on the young girl character who plays hula hoop in front of her house, having her mother heeding at her play. For the location, it is a relatively small and lovely house located in a fresh garden in some country. There are a few trees at the background and six pots of flower arranging at the…

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  • Ballroom Observation Paper

    On November 7, 2015 at 1300, I was able to visit the Ruggieri Senior Center in Union City. Around the time I visited, the seniors are having their weekly ballroom extravaganza in which couples and willing participants ages 60 and up are dressed in their ballroom outfits. They have their friends, husband, and wives dancing to different types of ballroom dances such as cha-cha, waltz, foxtrot, merengue, Chinese jitter, and samba. The women were wearing colorful and glittery-dancing outfits while…

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  • What Role Does Nature Play In Early Childhood

    be have a time in day where they take a stroll and explore our beautiful surroundings. After lunch, the students gets to go outside to the play yard and play around the yard with equipments. They would play with basketballs, soccer balls, or even hula hoop but it was rare for a student to just look around and explore the yard. In this field site the children does not really experience nature because they do not go out for a stroll and look at flowers or plants. They would not play in the rain…

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  • The Importance Of Race, Class, And Sexuality In The Americas And America

    Kapu system, helped to convert the nation to Christianity as well as restrict and regulate the sexual freedom of all natives, especially targeting women. Missionaries who had assisted in bringing the Kapu system to fruition wanted to undermine the hula dance culture as well because it was considered vulgar. This system of introducing European thought while subsequently shaming and putting restrictions on what were considered religious practices ultimately led to a degradation of Hawaiian…

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  • Personal Narrative-It's Time To Stop Bullying

    When was the last time you felt content with yourself? You felt that nothing in the world could bring you down. This world doesn’t work like that. This world isn’t full of compliments, this world isn’t full of contentment, this world is full of hate. Some people may say that bullying has decreased, but in reality, it’s getting worse as the population in this fiery hell increases in intensity. I experienced bullying whispering in my ear, I experienced bullying as it strangled my heart. The…

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