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  • Mahu In Mean Girls

    Traditionally people who are considered Mahu were seen as important figures in the community. They are seen as strong, wise, and caretakers. However, once Christian Missionaries started trying to convert the people of Hawaii into Christianity, they preached against it. They saw it as a horrible sin. Now, it seems that not everyone is completely accepting of it. The teacher used to get bullied for being a feminine male when she was in school. However, now she’s respected within the community and…

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  • Hawai I And Papa New Guinea Argumentative Essay

    arrived, they influenced Queen Ka 'ahumanu to convert to Christianity, in which she did, helping the missionaries to ban the practice of ancient Hawaiian hula.The Protestant missionaries “believed hula dangerously promoted old heathen beliefs and celebrated physical enjoyment” (“Missonaries and the Decline of Hula,” 2014). In addition, traditional fishing and farming were also lost because of the introduction of cattle ranching and new ways of farming, just as the trade economy was lost because…

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  • My Reflection On Disturbance And Form To A Team

    used the soft footballs because there are light weight, smaller and do not hurt when they make contact. We brought out 6 hula hoops and 18 balls. We started the lesson off by leading the class in some stretches to make sure there arms were ready to throw…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Animal Adoption

    work him every day for a short amount of time to get him ready for his first show in 3 weeks. We do walking over bridges, jumps, step overs, weaving, change of pace, stepping in pools and walking through hula hoops. After the basics are mastered we move onto feet in tires, backing through hula hoops, and showmanship. We also work on handling activities like lifting feet and touching ears, or showing teeth so that we can take him to public relations events like parades. It is very…

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  • Cross Trainers Research Paper

    Cross-trainers Combine elements of treadmills, stair-climbers, cycles, and cross-country ski machines. Some machines include arm resistance to work both the upper and lower body. Like ski machines, they require some coordination and may tire you faster than other machines, but they give a very thorough aerobic workout along with some resistance training. Workouts Heard of the 7-minute workout? How about Tabata? Both are just a few minutes. The trick is, you work harder than you thought…

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  • Analysis Of 'Capture This: It's Wrong To Play Pokémon At Auschwitz'

    Pitts mentions that he cannot “picture [his father] twirling a Hula Hoop at Arlington” stressing how ridiculously illogical and absurd that idea is. He uses this hypothetical scenario to compare it to the people playing Pokémon GO on such grounds. By doing so, Pitts accentuates that playing mobile games on Arlington's soil and or similar places that hold historic value, is no different from doing something as odd as twirling a Hula Hoop there. In addition, he also expands his use of logos by…

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  • Reflection On March Of Resilience

    and a lack of comfort in one’s skin. In Shaka, I’ve been the only male member of the group for almost my entire time at Yale; it has been difficult to get men to join, maybe because Polynesian dance like hula are primarily portrayed in the media with female dancers even though men have performed hula and other Polynesian dance for…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Last Live Performance

    The last live performance I saw was Zarkana in radio city music hall. I don’t remember the exact year but I remember that it was over the summer. It really was a captivating experience, as soon as I walked in there was characters greeting you with intricate face painting almost like tribal marking infused with modern painting techniques. I took my seat, as the show was about to begin. However there was a pre show before the actual show began. The relation ship with the audience was really breath…

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  • Reflective Essay On Religious Freedom

    good times and bad. Along with oli you have mele (songs). Just like any other religions songs are a big part of its traditions because in a native way it like you praising the spirits or showing you care and thanking them for their help. Then you have hula (dance). I believe that in the native culture this is imported for rituals because it goes with the oli and mele. I also believe it helps with any kind of visual that you would need and helps express what you are trying to say in the chant or…

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  • Summary: The American Burying Beetle

    Famous playwright, William Shakespeare once said, “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin”. Imagine if there were no plants or animals, how would humans survive? Humans depend on the environment, whether for medicine, entertainment, ambience, or companionship. Humans gain knowledge from nature, for example: in 1947, NASA sent Albert II, a male rhesus monkey, into outer space to see if he could survive in the harsh conditions, and he did. Albert II allowed for NASA to send humans into…

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