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  • Chinese Acrobats

    Chinese Acrobats I chose to do my reflection on my experience seeing the Chinese Acrobats. The Chinese acrobats performed at the World Theater at California State University Monterey Bay. The acrobats were from Peoples Republic of China, and used their skills to engage the audience through talented gymnastics, dance, and martial arts. Each distinctive and special talent offered a very unique outlook of the Chinese culture. The Peoples Republic of China’s culture is very important to their…

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  • The Memory Game

    J- What about coordination and balance how did i learn those skills M- From a young age you did dancing, netball and softball they all taught you coordination and we would also play with balls and hula hoops things like that in the yard J- That would explain why i love sport M- haha, yep J- Thank you mum M- No problem Report Rules: Mix up the cards. Lay them in rows, face down. Turn over any two cards. If the two cards match, keep them. If…

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  • Initiative Vs Guilt Analysis

    Initiative vs. Guilt As a consequence of the time I was in the children 's circle, and the discipline from my teachers and parents to meet a daily routine, my confidence grew considerably. My performance was exemplary. Besides, I felt not only comfortable, but I enjoyed the daily activities. However, in the coming years I would learn that things are not kept motionless, just the opposite may change at any time. The first change I would face would be the influence of my parents. Initially, they…

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  • Early Christian Dance

    dances that they do. Furthermore, the Early Christian Dance helps me develop deeper insight by thinking of how the Early Christian Dance is performed. One example that helps me appreciate other cultures is the Hawaiian dance. Many people might think of hula skirts when they think of Hawaiian dancing. This has a lot to do with the culture. Dance has increased our knowledge in the world by causing people to evaluating culture. As years go by we are developing different moves to dance and even…

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  • Short Essay On Rave Culture

    Rave Culture How do electronic music, LED Lights, and young people go together? Well you might have guessed a party, but it’s a little more specific than that. What I’m talking about is a rave. I’m here to briefly explore the origins of rave culture, the music, dancing, and even attire. The subculture is a bit odd, and very different from a typical night out. The early rave scene subculture started in the late 80’s in Chicago. Young party-goers attended events called “Acid House Music Parties”.…

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  • The Oval Time Session

    WHAT IS MY JOB? WHAT IS MY JOB? Careers are always fun for guessing games based on job descriptions and uniform clues. On this flip card, we have everything from Hula dancers to construction works to office workers. The tune that this activity goes with is that of Brother John. The leader chooses a career of any sort and starts with: What is my job? What is my job? Can you guess? Can you guess? Then based on the career he or she chose, he sings some clues about the career so the participants…

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  • The Hawaiian Dream Analysis

    This dream is for romantics and lovers. Certainly the dream isn’t the sum of the colorful patterns of Hawaiian shirts, coconut bras and grass skirts alone. It’s not in the Pina Colada, or the Surfer on Acid. The boutiques of Waikiki teeming with Japanese tourists, those we can ignore all together, laugh at their circumstance. The accoutrements of hustle and bustle such as these have all been and will continue to be part of the Great Marketing image of a Paradise, and everyday life grows like…

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  • Autobiography Essay: My Life In Fiji And New Zealand

    My Life started on January 31, 1993 in good old Fiji, Suva. A small country in located in the Pacific, with its rich Fijian culture and heritage. I was the first Grandson from my mother’s side and the third from my Father’s side. My life in Fiji lasted about six years. All of those years, I was raised by my Grandparents. Both my Parents were upper class businessmen so Family time was limited but I was never ignored by my mother or father. My sister was born exactly three year and Nine month…

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  • Milkweed Hypothesis

    Discussion: There is a statistically significant positive relationship between the height of the milkweed plant and its number of seedpods. This contradicts the trade-off hypothesis between plant height and the number of seeds produced. The milkweeds may be devoting more resources towards growth earlier in the growing season, and later devoting more resources towards reproduction, which would imply that there is indeed a certain resource allocation strategy that the plants are…

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  • Iron Deficiency Argument Essay

    When it comes to today’s youth, health is becoming an increasing concern. One can argue that a child’s health ultimately starts in utero and the basis of one’s choices as an adult begins during childhood. “Among children in the developing world, iron is the most common single-nutrient deficiency” (Baker & Greer, 2010). Many factors play into a child’s health including social and personal determinants and those who children spend time with including parents and educators. First, let us look…

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