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  • Personal Narrative: Moving To Hawaii

    Hawaii, the home of white sand beaches, pro surfing, hula dances, and warm weather. If I could move to any region within the United States, I would move to Hawaii with no hesitation. Hawaii contains a prestigious hospital and the opportunity to become a surfer. Both of which of which I have always dreamed of being a part in. Nothing would make me happier than becoming an orthopedic surgeon operating out of a Hawaiian hospital working on shark attack victims and other unlucky victims who need…

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  • Dance In Ancient Greek Culture

    Dance is an art form consisting of individuals or groups moving in patterns, either practiced or impromptu, to the rhythm of music. Dance and music go hand in hand, allowing the music to set a tone for the dance, creating different styles of dance. Dance is likely to have begun as a ritual to appeal to a culture’s worshipped being or included in ones “rite of passage” (Histoy of Dance, n.d.). Evidence has been found in India showing the existence of dance in the form of paintings made in caves…

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  • Film Analysis: Moana

    This allowed people to reach different islands in Polynesia and beyond. Traditional Polynesian dances are very important in the community but more so in some regions than others. For example, traditional Hawaiian dancing, the hula is very important to their culture. The hula began by men and women dancing to honour the goddesses Pele and Laka. In the Polynesian region, the music varies. That said, there is usually pate, a drum-like percussion instrument. This drum can vary in sound depending on…

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  • Observation Essay On Preschool

    getting dirty. They were building sandcastles and imagining themselves as kings and queens. In front of me, I saw the Physical Zone, children climbing on tree stumps and mounds. Some children were running around chasing each other and some girls were hula hooping. Finally, to the left of me I saw the Social/ Dramatic Zone. There was a small playhouse and the children were pretending to run a store. Two children were fighting over who was going to be the cashier until the teacher reasoned with…

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  • Health Care Challenges

    There are many challenges that affect the direction of health care today. Proposed health care reform and legislation, accreditation, quality of healthcare, and organizational compliance, economics, including third party payers, future funding, rising costs, the Medicare and Medicaid programs, access to health care including the uninsured and those in poverty and the elderly, and maintaining a skilled workforce have created many obstacles for providers (Ashford, 2016). Healthcare reform and…

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  • Summary Of Pat Pitzer's The Overthrow Of The Monarchy

    According to the article “The Overthrow of the Monarchy” written by Pat Pitzer, Hawaii became a territory in the year 1900. The US finally agreed to annex Hawaii became a territory in the year 1900. The US finally agreed to annex Hawaii due to the Spanish-American War which occurred in 1898. Many people were against the annexation and made a petition called Hui Aloha Aina. This petition got over 21,000 signatures. The queen has lost her throne and has tried many ways to get it back. Everytime…

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  • Keke: A Short Story

    eleven-year-old skin looked delightfully youthful. Living on the island of Oahu for all eleven years of her life, Keke had accomplished what many women pay for, an evenly tanned golden body. Occasionally a grass skirt was in order, but only for the hula dances. However, for the rest of her time Keke's wardrobe consisted of her bikini and bare feet. She had naked toes, with an absence of nail polish. Her feet had a few scars on them from the coral reef incident she had the last time she attempted…

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  • A Trip To Hawaii Essay

    I would like to go to Maui, Hawaii. Maui, Hawaii has many colorful beaches and tourist activities. The weather is warm with lots of rain. However, when it is not raining, the scenery is amazing. The exotic colorful flowers and trees is a great reason to visit. Not to mention the colorful animals that live there. Maui is just such an amazing place that I would really like to visit. The island has many national landmarks. Three great landmarks in Maui are Haleakala, Molokini Crater, and Dragons…

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  • Personal Narrative: Working In The Plantation

    to give our cultures to the Japanese people, we started to share our Korean cultures to other people. We shared Kimchi, Bibimbap, spicy rice cake, and Korean traditional games. After we shared our culture, we learned about Portuguese cultures like hula or ukulele! Chinese showed us Saimin, food, and lion dances. I really miss you guys, and I hope you guys know that I would love to go back to Korea. Even though we work hard, I think I’m kind of close to the lunas, so we don’t have to do the…

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  • Lilo And Stitch: Movie Analysis

    Lilo, both intentionally and unintentionally, causes problems during the beginning of the movie. She leaves hula practice, runs back to the house before Nani can pick her up, and messes up the meeting with their social worker, Cobra Bubbles. Even with all of the problems she caused, Nani forgave her and comforted her through her hard times. Lilo learned from…

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