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  • Ni Ihau Culture

    Furthermore, areas of particular cultural value that is expressed in this language is hula dancing. Although, hula is dancing, there are certain chants and prayers that follow along with it to tell a story; “Kuhi no ka lima, hele no ka maka” (Where the hands move, let the eyes follow). These dances connected man to God and to nature, the dances filled both dancers and audience with “Aloha” (Lakainapali 2004). The hula dance is performed at ceremonies, gatherings, celebrations, etc. to offer…

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  • Hawaiian Shirt Research Paper

    ear are known to be single whereas those who wear it behind their left ear represent a woman of romantic involvement. The hula dance, performed with the most precise of posture, sets the dance apart from other forms of Polynesian dances. Each movement, gesture, expression, and article of clothing has a specific meaning in which has been passed down and taught for generations (Hula). Another common symbol in Hawaiian culture is the circle. Often this closed circle, representing infinite…

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  • Native Men Remade

    indigenous Hawaiian men. Tengan describes Hawaiian men as being disempowered by he legacies of colonization and by the tourist industry which promotes a feminized image of Hawaiians. Native Hawaiian men are portrayed or iconized by the image of a female hula dancer vastly promoted by tourism. Native Hawaiian men then sought to counter this notion by creating a sense of individual masculinity in creating a group called the Hale Mua (the “Mens Hoiuse”). The Hale Mua sought to dismantle the…

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  • Polynesian Culture Essay

    The polynesian people are a very unique culture compared to people of different countries. Their pride of their culture, beliefs, language, and traditions are apart of their history and love within their land. The polynesian natives are very proud to be able to carry on wonderful traditions to their visitors and people that live on the land to show how much they respect their island they call home. Adding on to their beliefs and traditions among the culture is about the polynesian history. This…

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  • Hawaii Persuasive Speech

    What are some of the first things you think of when you think of Hawaii? Do you think of hula dancers, palm trees, pineapples? I’m guessing you think of all of those things, plus some, but I bet you don't think of the alphabet! Hawaii’s alphabet was invented by missionaries long ago, it includes all five vowels, plus the letters h,k,l,m,n,p, and w, that's only 12 letters! But that's not all, there is so much more to learn about this amazing eight island chain. Now you’re probably wondering, well…

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  • Ohana In Hawaii

    Imagine an island where the ordinary is extraordinary. A luau, a glimpse of the aloha spirit that brings guest and islanders in a memorable setting. Experience what it means to have an Ohana; a unique extending love to everyone. Take part of the many adventures which are fun for all ages, whether a romantic getaway or a family vacation. When it comes to vacation destinations Hawaii is an unforgettable trip and worth the investment. Experience the rich cultural heritage of the Pacific Islands.…

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  • Summary Of Jeremy Fink And The Meaning Of Life

    Award for Middle School in 2004. Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life is published by Little Brown and Company and was published in November of 2006. It is full of adventure and find it quite funny. The characters said and did a lot of funny thing like, hula-hooping in a fake grass skirt,while eating a banana, and catching a football. The book I felt excited,other times I felt discouraged. This book is a really great book for young adults. The book made me cry at the end because it had a lot of…

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  • Essay On Hawaii Culture

    Hawaii is the fiftieth and final state that has joined the United States of America. It has untamed oceans and jungles. Animals roam the beautiful, picture perfect landscape. The people who lived on the islands have had a culture that extended from the Polynesian islands to the western and southern edges of Asia. They respected the land, ocean, and everything that it provided. Their religion is polytheistic, which means they believe in many gods. Behind the beautiful scenery of islands,…

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  • An Essay About Hawaii Vacation

    When thinking of any place in Hawaii, beautiful landscaping, white sand, and clear ocean water is pictured; and that is almost exactly what you get. Maui, Hawaii, is a beautiful, exotic vacation spot with many excursion opportunities. Maui is located in the Pacific Ocean west of California. Since it is in the middle of the ocean, Maui is only accessible by plane or ship. When travelling there, a long trip is awaiting. Maui is located approximately 4,281 miles away from Brownstown. Although Maui…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Interview With A Mother

    any of the rides. We also got great food and I was named after the song “Sweet Caroline” and there was a musician singing the song so she told me not to be scared and she got me to go up on the stage. There was also a time there when there was a hula hoop contest and there was a bunch of people. She was encouraging me through it all and I won!! She is the most supportive and encouraging person i know. My mom is the most devoted mom there is. There will never be a day that she can’t put a…

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