Personal Narrative: My Hoop Dance

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I arrived on the site about 30 minutes early because I brought my hula hoops from my apartment. I remembered what Rhonda said the goal of the garden was; “To create a spot where people could meditate, talk and relax”, and I wanted to do just that. I hoop dance and when I hoop dance, I like to do it on either an open field or open parking lot. It gives me more room to be creative and productive. I also hoped by me hooping and doing a bunch of tricks that it would attract attention and people would come up and ask more about the garden. I hooped for about 15 minutes and I could have sworn I saw an SUV pass by twice, but they didn’t come to talk. I did get a few looks from people on bikes, but they didn’t stop by either. At 4pm ***new student*** and Sharon showed up and asked me what I was doing. I then explained that I hooped danced and had been doing it for 2 years. I showed them a few moves and by the time I was done with that Ross, Jackie and Rhonda showed up. We talked about what we were going to plant for the day. Ross and Rhonda walked to her house to get a compost she made at her house so we could add dirt to the beds before we planted. Sharon gave us tools that looked like forks and told us to dig up the …show more content…
Despite the fact that no one joined me to hoop before 4pm or the fact that someone stole the water meter, it was somewhat peaceful. I loved hooping in the garden because I felt like I was doing the garden some kind of justice. I felt at home and peaceful there. I know it sounds corny, but those wee my feelings at the time. I also loved the after that we closed the meet up doing something that I absolutely love and everyone else did too. Jackie even told me to bring the hoops next time because she knew a kid that would love to see me hoop. I also loved planting our veggies because I know that soon we will have fresh mustard greens, collard greens and broccoli to eat! We just have to wait for

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