Polynesian Culture Essay

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The polynesian people are a very unique culture compared to people of different countries. Their pride of their culture, beliefs, language, and traditions are apart of their history and love within their land. The polynesian natives are very proud to be able to carry on wonderful traditions to their visitors and people that live on the land to show how much they respect their island they call home. Adding on to their beliefs and traditions among the culture is about the polynesian history. This group of down to earth people are very captivating to learn and understand their way of living, as we come to their land we grow to call it a second home.

This culture of people have many traditions they share to travelers on their land to learn about their ways and traditions who are interested. In Hawaii they share a multicultural group of nationalities that stand with pride. The Hawaiians are one of the strongest cultures to carry on their traditions and beliefs among the United States. Putting a lei on a visitors neck coming into Hawaii acts as a symbol of welcome to their land as we respect their ways and is one of the most honorable traditions
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There are approximately 1.42 million residents since 2014 living here on the islands combined together. However the calculations from the past few years the island have had a grand total of 7,998,815 people come relax on vacation since the year of 2012. People come to Hawaii on vacation because there are so many exciting things to do and visit on the island when they come for vacation during the year. This place is the best spot for vacation during anytime of the year. According to when is the perfect time to take a week long family vacation to hawaii would have to be in the beginning of june because there are so many things going on like festivals are not to be missed when visiting

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