Geometric mean

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  • Feelings Of Anxiety And Regression Analysis

    A total of four hypotheses were examined using the following variables: feelings of tension and anxiety before and after watching a video in which a news story covered a student going to a college campus with the intent of harming people, perceived threat while watching the video, perceived threat while watching similar news coverages, the number of hours a day spent consuming news, and participant gender. First, to test the hypothesis that feelings of tension and anxiety will be higher after…

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  • Personal Narrative: Sleepwalking

    it was 6:00 AM. I noticed my covers were alongside my bed. That's weird, I mean for normal people but I have a tendency for sleepwalking so I guess it’s pretty normal. “Shoot! Dammit!” I whispered as I remembered my science project was due 1st period. “Oh no no no, C’mon!” I followed up with after I opened my computer and it started to buzz and whir then stop to a black screen. It’s dead. I had it charging all night. I mean c’mon, stupid school computers never work. I plugged it in and started…

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  • Nike Case Study

    is choosing the appropriate market risk premium. There are two historical equity risk premiums given for a time period from 1926 to 1999: Geometric mean and arithmetic mean. The geometric mean is a better estimate for longer life valuation while the arithmetic mean is better for a one-year estimated expected return. Therefore, we chose to use the geometric mean to coincide with the choice to use the 20-year yield on U.S. Treasuries, which is 5.9 percent. Next, we had to decide on a beta to use…

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  • The Siphumeleles Wetlands Case

    RESULTS AND DISCUSSION The Siphumelele wetland was assessed by 10 participants. All the participants were compared to participant 2 (control), who is a specialist on wetlands and has over 20 years’ experience on working with wetlands. The overall results (indicated in Figure 2 and Figure 3) in this case are the combination of the results from the assessment of the impact on the wetland of land-cover types present within the wetland, and an assessment of the impact on the wetland of land-cover…

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  • Smallholder Apiarist Essay

    3.5 Analytical Methods 3.5.1 Characterization of smallholder apiarists Descriptive statistics were used to determine the mean difference of socio-economic characteristics between the apiarists. The variables considered were; age of household head (measured in years), gender (given by the sex of household head (male=1, female=0), education level of household head (number of years of formal education attained by the household head). Others were: farming experience (measured number of years in…

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  • The Transverse Mercator Projection Paper

    well-known projections in the world for its variation of the Mercator projections (Chang, 2010). The Transverse Mercator Projection (TMS) is similar to the Mercator projection which uses Standard Parallel whereas TMS uses the Standard Meridian. This means that it is longitudinal in the meridians not in the Equator, making it to be conformal and not preserving a true direction (Chang, 2010). The center of the meridian is located in the middle of the region of concern. The positioning reduces…

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  • L Hospital's Rule Essay

    One of the first rules that is taught when learning Calculus is L’Hospital’s rule. The rule provides an easy technique to solve for a limit that has the indeterminate form 0/0. To get past this roadblock, L’Hospital’s rule allows for the individual differentiation of the numerator and denominator, and taking the limit of the result. If after the first application of the rule the limit once again produces the indeterminate form, it is possible to apply L’Hospital’s rule again. There is mystery…

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  • Social Media In Gary Turk's Short Film Look Up

    that they are completely absorbed in their phone and nothing else around them. It is very rare for a person to miss an important part of their life because they looked down at their phone to check their social media. Being on social media does not mean you are…

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  • Case Study A-Carp Corporation

    central tendency is a measure used to describe the mean, median, and mode of a particular set of data while measure of distribution shows the skewness, kurtosis, and develops a hypothesis about a particular set of data. The reason I selected these two measures is that they will help analyze the data of A-Carp Corporation accurately. B. Identify the Categories of Data and their Relationship with the Tools of Data. The data in the case comprises of mean, standard error, median, mode, standard…

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  • Hb Sialkot Case Study

    CHAPTER – 5 SUMMARY: 5.1. Conclusion: The area of the study was that whether employee’s recognition can retain employees in HBL Sialkot. And for that purpose sample of 100 employees of both genders, vary in salary, age, qualification; duration of job period and from different designation was taken from the employees of HBL Sialkot. The analysis of the results showed that organization rewards employees but some old Habibians said that they are still on the same position and are not rewarded by…

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