Geometric mean

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  • The Importance Of Aperture Radar

    covariance matrix of the data in class. = its inverse matrix. mi = mean vector. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Primary Interpretation Data of 3 different dates is available in the form of 3 channels of 8 bit information. Thus, the pixel values vary from 0 to 255. Small training areas of around 300 pixels were selected from different land cover types from these 3 channels and also from the texture channels. Statistical data like Mean, Median and Standard Deviation is calculated and based on…

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  • The Importance Of Entering The Sea Of Mundane World

    PA is the seed of the innate light, which has the effect of shining the light throughout the Dharmadattu. This light also means wisdom, therefore, when we cultivate the seed syllable PA, the result is the cultivators will manifest the wisdom that penetrates all phenomena in the universe. Let us regularly visualize the seed of light PA to develop the wisdom light so that we will have a more comprehensive worldview and a more expansive and compassionate heart. For example, when we are selfish…

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  • Analysis Of The Average Age Of Renon Pines

    For the Coach group and Supporter group, a 3-second mean hug duration is plausible since this value falls within the 95% confidence interval. Since it falls between the two limits, there is a 95% chance of the length hug occurring in each relationship group. Coach/Athlete: Lower limit= 3.77-2(.451)=2.87…

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  • Analysis Of The Paper Helicopter Experiment

    The preeminent design of the paper helicopter experiment would comprise of the best mean and standard deviation of the overall measured data. An in depth comparison of the mean value and the standard deviation of each variable will be discussed in relation to a measure suitable for a longer flight time and a more accurate landing. These variables will be discussed relevant to the data and information gathered from our experiment during testing. The ratio of each helicopter will be discussed in…

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  • Difference Between Skittles And Chromatography

    dyes are always the same (Davis et al, 2009). This means that if the dyes used in Skittles Sweets and Sours and Crayola markers of the same color were identical, their Rf values would have to be nearly the same. We calculated five Rf values for each dye that was found after performing the chromatography. The Rf values for the dyes of the blue Skittles are .498, .488, .542, .526, and .441. The statistics for these numbers are .499 for the mean, .498 for the median, no mode, .0389 for the…

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  • Differences Between Ultrawide And Standard Monitors

    1. What are the differences between Ultrawide and Standard Monitors? Look, the fundamental difference between an ultrawide monitor and a regular monitor is the aspect ratio. Unlike the standard 16:9 aspect ratio, an ultrawide monitor has a wider 21:9 aspect ratio. This extra screen space helps you to manage multiple windows at the same time with ease. Also, ultrawide monitors are usually bigger than regular displays (29”, 34” and 38”) so you’ll see more data on the screen. The other…

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  • Radiometric Reflection

    The following equation 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 used to compute Land surface Emissivity, mean of LST and change of LSE of Band 10 and 11, respectively. LSE=0.004Pv+0.986 Eq. (3.5) Mean of LST= (LST10+LST11)/2 Eq. (3.6) Difference of land surface emissivity (LSE) =LSE10-LSE11…

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  • Persuasive Speech: Do You See A Red Tiger?

    Is it alright to begin your day with a question? Can there be slightly more or slightly less than exactly twenty-four hours in a day? How many songs have you memorized in your life? How many more songs do you think you can memorize before you have memorized too many songs and forgotten some? Is the color of the ocean really a reflection of the sky? Do you like to eat salads? Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living,” would you agree with him? What temperature is the windchill…

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  • Everyday Life Statistics

    In our everyday life statistics are used in some form probably more than we realize. At home, you could be keeping a running average of your utility bills to see if differences appear. If you are looking at paying off your mortgage five years early, you will need to calculate the amount needed to accomplish this achievement. Some of us that may have purchased stocks will keep stats on the highs and lows of their investments to help determine a time to possibly sale the stock. The use of…

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  • Brassica Oleracea Essay

    Similarity indices and genetic distance The overall mean similarity index for Brassica oleracea accessions calculated based on all AFLP fragments amplified using Nei’s (1978) similarity index, ranged from 0.297 to 0.999 with an average of 0.744 (Table 3). The highest similarity indices (0.999) and the lowest genetic distance (0.001) were between the accessions of the same crop variety and geographical region, e.g. spring cabbage HRIGRU4564 and HRIGRU4571 from Cork. Accessions having close…

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