Social Media In Gary Turk's Short Film Look Up

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Have you ever heard a story of a teenager being disoriented and confused about

their current state due to them checking their phone? No, that is because teenagers are

not as obsessed with their phone as they are being made out to seem. In the short film

Look Up by Gary Turk he talks about how technology is basically ruining modern day

reality. He speaks on how social media will ruin today 's generation and that we are slaves to it. He made it seem as though kids are on their phones so much that they are completely absorbed in their phone and nothing else around them. It is very rare for a person to miss an important part of their life because they looked down at their phone to check their social media. Being on social media does not mean you are
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It is not really social media

that makes us not want to talk to each other on public transportation. It is more of us not

wanting to bother a stranger with unwanted conversation, because we all just want to

get to our destination without pointless conversation in between. He also mentions how

we are slaves to social media and our technology. We are not actually slaves to our

technology. According to a slave is “a person who is property of and

wholly subject to another”. We are not slaves to technology or media because we go to

them with free will. If we were infact slaves of them then we may lose sight of reality.

Being that we are not slaves of those things we have not lost sight of reality. Social

media can actually involve us more in reality rather than make us lose sight of it.

Social media may be time consuming, but it does not mean we will miss out on

important parts of our lives due to it. It is rare to hear about someone missing out on

a main part of their life due to them updating their facebook status. He talks about how

he would have missed his wife passing him up on the street if he was on his

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