Geometric mean

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  • Hr Intervention Paper

    are illustrated in Figure 1. The baseline data presented both downward and upward trend pattern of nail cuticle-biting behaviors. The mean value of the baseline is 6 and the standard deviation is 1.26. The first intervention phase data a downward trend pattern can be observed, which signifies a decrease in the amount of nail cuticle biting behaviors performed. The mean value of the first intervention data is 2.16, with a standard deviation of 1.47. Once the HRT intervention was applied, the…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 4 Case Study

    Utilizing the information from the table above the mean, median and standard deviation will be calculated. The mean equals the average of the sample by adding all the values of the samples and then dividing by the total number of items. The mean for the samples collected is 14.87 ounces which rounded up 14.9 ounces. The median is calculated to be 14.8 ounces. The median is calculated by averaging the data in order and finding the midway point of the data set. Last to find is to find the…

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  • Cooperative Learning

    "If I use cooperative learning, the students tend to veer off task ", where the paragraph number (10) was obtained the second rank with an average (3.52), with standard deviation (1.087), and with a degree of response (Agree). "The physical set-up of my classroom is a hindrance to using cooperative learning ", where the paragraph number (23) was obtained the third rank with an average (3.45), with standard deviation (1.063), and with a degree of response (Agree). 3- The rest of the paragraphs…

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  • Spinach/DPIP Essay

    which are corrected, show that the rate of photosynthesis of a spinach/DPIP solution with translucent red filter was faster than the rate of photosynthesis of a spinach/DPIP solution with no filter. However, Fig. 3 and Fig. 4, which are expressed as means, show how…

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  • Airplane Hypothesis

    Question How does changing the size of the airplane affect how far the airplane goes. Hypothesis If we change the size of the airplane then the paper airplane will go further. Materials Paper, graph paper, meter stick, a pencil, Procedure: 1.I will build two identical paper airplanes. One will be my control airplane that is smaller and the other will be my test airplane the one that is bigger. 2.I will throw my control plane 10 times and I will use a meter stick to measure the distance of…

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  • False Induction Argument Analysis

    In this article by Susan Clancy, Richard McNally, Daniel Schacter, and Mark Lenzenweger. They take a look at the memory of those who have a claim to be abducted by aliens. Throughout this article the researchers wanted to test four hypotheses with regard to false recall and false recognition and produced a thesis statement that stated, "those reporting recovered and repressed memories of alien abduction were more prone than control participants to exhibit false recall and recognition. The groups…

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  • What Percentage Of People Prefer Hunt's Brand Ketchup Case Study

    A sample revealed three bags of 56, two bags of 57, one bag of 55, and two bags of 58. To test the hypothesis that the mean candies per bag is 56, how many degrees of freedom are there? * 8 * 9 * 7 * 1 Which of the following is most appropriately displayed with a frequency table? * What percentage of people prefer Hunt's brand ketchup * The home location of the most valuable customers * The relationship between gender and job performance *…

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  • Sample Case Analysis: Case 10.1 Motive Power Company

    Students in the online sections should email their cases to their online TA. Name: Jennifer Johnson Zhao Jin OIS – 3440 Applications of Business Statistics Section “00” Instructor: Professor Tariq Mughal Case 10.1 Motive Power Company – part 1 Executive Summary In case 10 .1 Motive Power Company Part 1, manufacturing manager Cregg Hart is approached by another supplier for rivets. Motive Power is very keen on their quality and are interested in evaluating the new rivets by…

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  • Red And Black Colored Words In Mozart's Music

    Results Table 1 shows the means and standard deviation of Red and Black coloured words recalled in Mozart’s music and no Music condition. Table 1. Means (and Standard Deviations) for experimental conditions. Word colour Music Condition Black words Red words Mean (±SD) Mean (±SD) Mozart’s Music…

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  • Extraction Values Of Sn (II) By Sbs-DET

    3. Results and discussion 3.1. Effect of pH on the percent extraction values of Sn(II) by SbS-DET. The effect of pH of reacting species such as metal ions and ligands for the formation of metal complexes is known to play a significant role in their removal and extraction processes [24]. To evaluate and identify the possible contribution of pH value of metal ion on the SbS-DET process for the formation of Sn(II)–(8HQ)2 complex via complexation and removal of Sn(II) from aqueous…

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