Personal Narrative: Sleepwalking

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I had recently woken up and was still in bed. I reached over to grab my pack of Juicy Fruit and pop two pieces in my mouth. I checked my clock and it was 6:00 AM. I noticed my covers were alongside my bed. That's weird, I mean for normal people but I have a tendency for sleepwalking so I guess it’s pretty normal.
“Shoot! Dammit!” I whispered as I remembered my science project was due 1st period.
“Oh no no no, C’mon!” I followed up with after I opened my computer and it started to buzz and whir then stop to a black screen. It’s dead. I had it charging all night. I mean c’mon, stupid school computers never work. I plugged it in and started to immediately jam the keyboard buttons with my fingers, typing in my password. It said “Your password
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My house is right off the side of the road so it is easy to get on and off cause I don’t have to walk anywhere. The bus stopped and I walked on, the usual crowd of students were there, the jocks in the back, the girls in front of them and the nerds in the very front. Go ahead take a guess where I sit. If you guessed the front, BINGO! You win a load of absolutely nothing! The good part about sitting in the front is that I don't have to walk past the jocks or the girls. But it’s not even really like i'm a nerd, i’m just none of them. I’m specially normal. The guy that no one likes, but no one hates them if you know what I mean. At least I see myself that way. It’s also not that I don't like other people either, I would do anything to hangout with some of those jocks or girls. Especially this one girl, her name is Rachel. She has beautiful red eyes and gorgeous blond hair that goes down to her shoulders. She’s somewhere behind me talking to one of the many friends she has, talking about me? Nope. I can hear them clearly now and they're talking about Max Gordon. How could I think they were talking about me? Anyways Max Gordon is one of those annoying football/basketball jocks that everyone wants to be and everyone likes. Although anyone that's not even remotely close to being him (like me) hates his guts. Especially cause all the girls like him too. Thats one reason people want to be like him, another is because they don't want to be a loner/nobody. I stare at the gray gum ridden seats ahead of me and listen to the jingle of seatbelts banging against the rough dirty floor. I looked outside watching the no leafed trees pass one by one as we bump down the rocky dirt road. We make a few more stops and then we finally reach the blue and orange colored school. I could hear the mumble of voices in the back

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