Music Library Reflection

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For the first part of this assignment, my task was to observe, listen, and evaluate two very important facets of the library experience, the library environment and the staff’s interactions within that space. With that noted, my personal goal was simply to pay attention. This goal might seem small, but whenever I visit a library, my attention is usually focused on some question that needs to be answered and I remember little about my experience outside of the information I was looking for. A second goal was to observe the library as objectively as I could. I did my best to remove all preconceived opinions and expectations so I might see the experience with fresh eyes.
I chose to do my observation in a music library because I thought it might be interesting to observe a special library. I have never visited anything but a school, public, or academic library so it was a new experience for me. I arrived on a Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. and observed for an hour. The library is located in the center of a building, accessible to the patrons it services. Upon entering, I noticed the size of the library is small. It is very recognizable as an information space with eight computers (two of which were not working at the moment), fifteen metal, movable shelving units, a special
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He sat down when the document started to print. This was the only patron to approach the staff member. He spent less than a minute with this interaction. Another patron was stapling some papers at the reference area and dropped all of them behind the reference desk. The staff member was obviously annoyed by this. The woman went around behind the reference desk to retrieve her papers. The staff member took out his earbud and started to stand up, but the patron had already retrieved her papers so he sat back down. He did not rove or ask anyone any

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