Carolina Forest High School: Case Study

I. Community, District, and School Factors The Carolina Forest area is located in Horry County, South Carolina, between Conway and Myrtle Beach. The area is unincorporated, which means the location is governed by a larger municipal district instead of having their own governing bodies. In the case of Carolina Forest, it is governed by Horry County. There are 21 residential subdivisions in the Carolina Forest area and six public schools, all located in the Horry County School District. In the Myrtle Beach area, the population is estimated to be 29,992. Carolina Forest High School (CFHS) opened in August 1997. The school serves students from Conway, Myrtle Beach, and the Socastee area, and was originally named “Carolina Forest Education Center.” This concept combined a middle school, serving 6th-8th grades, and the high school only served grades 9 and 10. By 2006, the school became absorbed as a high school only, and new middle schools were built. Carolina Forest High School has 14 separate buildings, and fosters a wide range of courses for their students, including Advanced Placement classes. Carolina Forest High School’s support stems from local support in the community. In fact, Carolina Forest High School has their own Facebook page to …show more content…
It is a former science room, and has two doors: one that opens to the outside faculty parking lot, and another is the main entrance that students use to enter the classroom from A Hall. This classroom is much larger than some of the other classrooms in the building, probably because it used to have science laboratory capabilities. The classroom is inviting, with a Breakfast at Tiffany’s poster and quote lining one wall, and every day, an inspirational quote that illuminates her smart board that helps inspire students before the start of class. In addition, there is a teacher’s desk at both the front and back ends of the room, and the room is built to house about 30

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