Observation For Social Work

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Thin Description - Field Note
Setting: I am sitting in the MD. Anderson Library from 11:30 am to 12:20pm on Monday, Jan 25th, 2016, and my observation in the public space start.

Police officers and African American guy. 11:30- 11:40
• Suddenly, an argument starts with yelling voice of a man.
• A big and tall Black guy is sitting in the corner of non-computer area, his backpack and stuffs are on the table.
• Nobody knows what is happening, all people 's eyes are toward that voice.
• A Hispanic policeman is catching that African American, his face and voice are calm and soft, he tries to not interrupt anyone, he told the Black guy to calm down, and let them talk in the police station.
• A black guy refuses the policeman 's demand by yelling and attacking against the policeman, “I am not doing
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Smoking groups in the front of the library 11:40-12:20
• A group of 4 UH students in casual clothing (not in red) sit in front of the library while smoking and talking.
• There are 3 males and 1 female.
• They are diverse in race ( white, Asian, Hispanic)
• Their ages are around 18- 25.
• All of them wear jeans and t-shirts with difference colors (white, dark green, navy blue, and gray) and logo on it. They wear tennis shoes ( Nike, Adidas, Puma brands)
• Cannot hear what they are talking about, but only looking at them through the window.
• They are smoking and ignore the “Tobacco-free Campus” posters around them ( about 3 posters near their seats)
• They look relax and not seem to care anyone else.
• A female tries to look at them and then look at the “Tobacco-free campus” as a sign to remind this group here is a Tobacco-free zone. However, this group seem ignore everything and everyone.
• Other female looks like scared of this group, she just glares at them and fasten her speed straight to another entrance
• Some males walk through their area as they don’t care of the smoking

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