Victims Of Police Brutality Towards African Americans

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“Stop! I can’t breath!” these were the last words Eric Garner, an African American that lived in New York, screamed out as Daniel Pantaleo, a New York police officer, choked him to death. Everyday police officers all over America commit acts of violence against unarmed suspects of black color. These actions can range anywhere from pushing and shoving to even shooting. Victims of police brutality sometimes perform actions that require punishment, but that does not give law enforcement the right to bully or let alone kill them. Police brutality towards African Americans occurs too often. Many believe that police act towards African Americans this way because of racism. A lot of these beliefs started back in 1991 when a video was released that showed five white Los Angeles police officers beating Rodney King, an unarmed black civilian, by repeatedly kicking him and hitting him with batons after a car chase. Some people argue that police only use force when it is justified. Such as in the well known case of Michael Brown. …show more content…
This practice is rude and degrading to those subjected to experience it. However, it happens everyday in America as a means of stopping crime. Law enforcement uses this practice when they pull over or stop blacks to question them. As seen before, this can sometimes result in an unarmed African American being killed by a police officer. Racial profiling is also frequently used in airports when they pull over arabs in order to prevent terrorism. An arabian author, Alaa Al Aswany, wrote an article about what it is like to travel while being arab. In the article Aswany talks about how he can rarely get through an airport without being inspected by an official to see if he is a terrorist. He ends the article by stating how in order to make this world a better place, people need to understand that all human beings have feelings. Everyone needs to put their prejudices aside and treat each other with

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