The Impact Of Police Brutality Towards African Americans

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There are always two sides to a story, it is important for us to learn to look at things through different points of views rather than just being one sided when it comes to things going on around the world. We have to learn to look at things through somebody else’s perspective, even if we do not completely agree with the thoughts or ideas that we are being presented with. In this current day and time, police brutality towards African Americans is shown to us on the daily through social media, newspaper articles on the daily evening news broadcast. Recently I have come across a number of articles trying to convince us and inform us that police brutality is really happening around us.
Along with reading articles in favor of police brutality I
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Based off Fryer’s research, “Police are more likely to fire their weapons without having first been attacked when the suspect is white.” This fact he provides his audience with is very important, especially towards his black community audience because it is making them aware that African Americans are not being targeted, if anything another race is more likely to face deadly consequences. Another astonishing fact, he provides us with is when he states that, “Black and white civilians involved in police shootings were both equally likely to be carrying a weapon on them not just the African American suspects. In Houston, out of 1.6 million arrests made, officers only fired their weapons 507 times.” This piece of information is valuable to his audience. It is making them aware that different races who have all been in the same circumstances, given the same opportunities and all equally likely to be carrying a weapon on them, have all had the same treatment. Out of more than a million arrests, police officers used their weapons 507 times, that alone shows that law enforcement is not acting out in a misconduct manner, firing their weapons at their suspects regardless of what race they are every single chance they get. The numbers show that police officers resort to using their deadly …show more content…
“African Americans are 18% more likely to be pushed up against a wall, 16% more likely to be handcuffed without being arrested and 18% more likely to be pushed down to the ground by law enforcement officers.” This piece of information that he included in his research paper makes his statement controversial. These facts contradict that police officers are not targeting a specific race. Now this is showing that for whatever reason blacks are more likely to be mistreated by law enforcement. That reason is unknown to his audience, which causes questions to arise. Why are black specifically more likely to be mistreated? Why aren’t other races more likely to be treated in this manner? Is it the way African Americans present themselves towards law enforcement? Maybe there is a certain characteristic about a black suspect, maybe the way they dress, maybe the way they talk. The conclusion drawn after reading those facts is that black suspects are more likely to act out towards law enforcement officers, that is why officers are more likely to use non-lethal force to protect themselves and establish a sense of power rather than resorting to using their

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