Effects Of The Veil

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The Veil and its Horrors The Veil created many terrifying effects in the past years, especially on African Americans such as discrimination. African Americans feared the Veil as it damaged their family and segregated them from others. Du Bois felt the Veil separated Africans Americans and whites primarily hurting African Americans. As Du Bois grew up he noticed another side to the way people viewed him as a person. He noticed society judged him on his skin color and not for what he actually stood up for. In The Souls of Black Folk Du Bois speaks on initial encounter with the Veil, “Then it dawned upon me with certain suddenness that I was different from the others… but shut out of their world by a vast veil” (Du Bois 8). As Du Bois grew, …show more content…
When these types of reports reach the hands of any news networks, they for the most part report on African American casualties. “Law Enforcement as Agents of Brutality Although the videotaped beating of Rodney King was for many Blacks in America the defining moment that provided undeniable proof that the police use excessive force” (Chaney 499). In the case of Rodney King, police chased after him on a high speed chase late at night. When King finally stopped, the police officers proceeded to then brutally beat him. The police officers possessed no right to use excessive force to stop this chase, as in many other reports the driver simply stops and put into handcuffs. This shows the Veil active, as police men where white and possessed no reason to beat King as they did. Several believe that the act of brutally beating African Americans comes from the way people raised their children. “The average Southern policeman is a promoted poor White with a legal sanction to use a weapon. His social heritage has taught him to despise the Negroes, and he has had little education which could have changed him” (Chaney 483). The teachings of hating or despising the Negro lead to the officers wanting to use excessive force on an African American. The education of the white man also contributes to brutality as he feels inferior to people around him thus harming them. This causes police officers to preform racist acts and severally injuring or even killing African Americans. A common argument against police brutality is that the officer acted in self-defense because the victim possessed a weapon. This takes down the Veil as the officer simply wanted to protect himself against the victim and used excessive force to handle the problem. Although this makes out for a reasonable argument it produces questions. For example, why would the Police officer not frisk the victim first? This

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