Argumentative Essay Of Brutality In The Community

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Collaborate The discussion touch on the police and minorities in the community and whether or not the use of brutality or police usage of deadly force is something worthy of attention and discussion. I think anything that has been a fatality in the community and family life, on an almost continuous basis deserve the attention whether it was an accident or something that was attentional. I think that it needs discussing because maybe something can change the situation the next time. The collaborate class talked about a paper that was done with Professor Gutierrez and Dr. Getty a new facility member, talked about the police abuse on the force, so these men did an examination of police and citizens from 1999-2011. The Washington Post Database, indicated that 991 people …show more content…
To me it is one of those things that has been going on for too long to correct now. Maybe a stronger action toward the police officer will allow some of the brutality to dwindle, but again it is not going to stop the situation. And like Greg said the media spend too much time on negativity then the positive, so the public minds are not over the negative. Also, Greg said that race is hard to talk about, but I disagree race is not hard to talk about, it is hard to hear, because when a black person see another black person shot dead or brutally beaten unnecessarily, because of police usage of deadly force, I’m not sure where that take other people, but it take me to when blacks where slaves killed because they could, let that be a black man killing a white man or woman anything that happened back in that time, sorry but people do not want to talk about race because of the harshness of what was done might come up, I can talk anything concerning race, but people must be prepared to hear about it. That’s just my

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