The Causes Of Police Brutality Among African Americans

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Police Brutality amongst African Americans
Ideas are the greatest warriors of the world and brutality can be described as a war that has no idea behind it simply because it is one of the things that keep the society chained to the ground. Brutality is brought by weakness lack of empathy and lack of compassion. Police brutality is the use of excessive physical force by police when dealing with civilians. Police brutality can be demonstrated in different ways and mostly in a physical form such as the use of batons, pepper spray, nerve gas, and guns so as to intimidate or intentionally hurt civilians. Police brutality can also take place in the form of killings, verbal attacks, sexual abuse, false arrests,
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In every 36 hours, a black American is killed. Operation ghetto research says that the institutional racism current practices are based on the enslavement of black American whose labor was used to build the American capitalist economy. The United States of America maintain a network of repressive enforcement structures such as police, secret service, homeland security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Criminal Investigation Authority and private security companies so as to maintain the systems of colonialism, racism and capitalist exploitation among the African Americans. Along with the killings, mass incarceration of the black people is one of them. There are false arrests of the non-whites. Although the African Americans constitute about 15 percent of the nation’s population about 40 percent of the prison population is blacks. Even though African American and the whites use and sell drugs at the same rate, black people tend to face longer sentences in jail compared to the white people. This is done so as to maintain them in prison and prevent them from fighting against their rights such as capitalism which is a major threat to the United States of America (Tyler …show more content…
This is when a police officer suspects an individual due to how they look at the skin color especially or how they behave. It concerns stops and searches. Although racial profiling is illegal and violates the United States constitution which promise to give equal protection and freedom to all people despite the color, religion or culture of individuals, police officers have been seen randomly stop and search individuals for weapons and drugs. Most of the people searched are the African Americans who are disproportionately stopped and harassed by the police officers who end up taking their lives. This leads to more innocent African-Americans losing their lives. The police officers, security guards and vigilantes who do this justify their shootings by claiming that the victims had weapons and they felt threatened. Racial profiling prevents Americans from maintaining a fair and just

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