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  • Fitness Center Observation

    a. Observation. Ms Kowaluk, Stephanie, Fitness Center Manager. It was noted during the inspection that the fitness center manager is doing an excellent job maintaining an accurate log of all deficiencies and documentation of her employees completed training. b. Fire prevention. It was noted that all the fire extinguishers located throughout the facility are not being inspected monthly as required and were overdue annual maintenance. IAW NFPA 10, fire extinguisher shall be subjected to…

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  • Ballou Majestic Knights Movie

    The two movies, “The Whole Gritty City”, and,” Ballou Majestic Knights Documentary” were both movies based on marching bands. They were both expansions on what went on while they were occupied in the band, and what struggles citizens had to go through everyday. Many of the people were faced with social situations, or home and environmental situations. The poverty exchanges in all of the bands, and how the bands were socially developed in different types of ways. The two movies were personally…

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  • Jonbenet Ramsey Research Paper

    The key facts and critical issues of JonBenet Ramsey's death, in my opinion, on December 26, 1996, a little girl by the name of JonBenet Ramsey was mysteriously murdered in her parent’s home located in Boulder, Colorado. JonBenet Ramsey was a beauty pageant queen born to John and Patsy Ramsey in Atlanta, Georgia on August 6, 1990. JonBenet was six at the time of her murder. (Safestein, 2015) She was hit in the head with a blunt object and strangled to her death. According to the autopsy report,…

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  • Safety Considerations In Sports

    that are out of bounds, bumping into other students, or tripping over equipment. Safety when on the court differs slightly, but will vary based on the experience of the athlete. The boundaries of the court require a heavy string be laid down with duct tape covering it; these are the designated boundaries for each court (Goalball, 2015). As individuals become more skilled and understand the spatial aspects to the court, one can use the boundary to their advantage not only in staying safe, but as…

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  • Squee Narrative

    Squee...? “It was a dark and stormy night…” “aw come on that’s so clique” my friend Zack said as he interrupted my story, and all of the sudden, as I was about to reply, we heard my mom’s dog whimpering as if the dog saw an unholy demonic creature crawling at the dog at the speed of light. Zack and I became afraid, we both knew that my mom’s dog, Bigge, isn’t afraid of nothing, as Bigge would be a cold blooded killer, that would kill anyone that he doesn’t know. Zack was curious, but I was…

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  • Narrative Essay On Water Guns

    It was a weekend to remember. I had just got one of those Pitbull water shotguns and a bunch of water pistols for my birthday not a couple of weeks ago. We finished up the last of the cake and ice cream when my friends wanted to go outside. I said sure and we went outside with the arsenal of water guns laying around my house. We drew up spawn areas and prepared a flag so we could play capture the flag. a We all got a chance to fill up our guns and each…

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  • Project Egg Launch Analysis

    demonstrate. Additionally, there are some opportunities teachers may be able to use to their advantage. The materials needed for the students are relatively simple. Students can use items that are around the classroom such as paper and tape. If additional supplies such as duct tape, bags, or sticks are wanted they can be used as well. Students are able to build something and watch the outcome of their enclosure after the enclosure with the egg are launched. Further, by having students in…

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  • Physics Egg Drop Project

    The egg drop project we did involved many physics principles. One of them was air resistance, which happened because the egg dropped and it accelerated, while the velocity increased. Then the resistance of the air to the egg box motion also increased, which means the upward force of air resistance balances the downward force of gravity, so the egg box dropped at a constant speed. We attached balloons to the box we made in order for the box to pass through the air while softly landing. We believe…

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  • Simulation-Longer Distance Lab Report

    In general, the experiment succeeded in demonstrating free-fall by dropping a tennis ball. Distance and time were documented to calculate velocity and acceleration, the quantities involved in linear kinematics. Graph 1 (distance vs. time) suggests a commonsensical relation - longer distance yields longer time. The only exception is at 1.0 m, where its time value (0.42 s) is less than that of a shorter distance (0.5s for 0.5 m distance). Average time was used to construct the graph, and there…

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  • Reflection On Making A Performance

    They will be lying lifeless, or sitting. They will have duct-tape over their mouths to signify they have no voice. Spaces and places that are likely to reach and produce the most socially efficacious responses for the intended audience become a priority. The locality of this performance should be held in front…

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