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  • Process Essay On Winter Driving

    The first very cold weather of the season has arrived and that means winter will soon settle in. Seasonal extremes can take its toll on your car, but if you’re prepared you can avoid the worst that it has to offer. To that end we’ll take a look at some steps you can take to help get your car ready for winter. 1. Review your owner’s manual. The first thing you should do is pull out the owner’s manual from your glove box and reacquaint yourself with it. Go to the section for the maintenance…

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  • Apollo 13 Essay

    On April 11th, 1970, the Apollo 13 was launched from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center to complete a mission in space. Their mission was to land on the moon and explore a hill called Fra Mauro. They were to gather samples of the moon’s sandy dirt and 4-billion-year-old rocks. It would take a total of four days to get to their destination. It was April 13th, 1970, the three astronauts only needed one more day to get started with their mission. Everything seemed as normal as a baby crying when it’s…

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  • Sylvester Herbert Research Paper

    Sylvester Herbert was a young boy who lived the town of Hamburg, Germany. He had one sister, Gretel, who had just graduated from high school, and is temporarily living with them. Sylvester’s mom tended the house while he was at school. His father was a German Gestapo. One day his father alerted the family that they were moving to Buchenwald, Germany. The entire family, including Sylvester’s father, was not happy about the sudden change. They were expected to move in three days. Sylvester was…

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  • Harrison Wade Research Paper

    In 2010, a toddler named Harrison Wade was rushed to the hospital during the holidays as he gasped for air and vomited blood. Doctors then took pictures of Harrison’s throat that showed how he had managed to pull an ornament off the family Christmas tree and swallow its metal top. Fortunately, the sharp piece had jagged edges that caught in his throat and prevented the piece from getting into his stomach and causing internal bleeding. The Wade family has been using this event to educate…

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  • The Mike Webster Case Study

    A fifty year old man huddles in an old pickup truck, his ankles are wrapped in old socks and rags that can be seen scattered throughout the truck. There is a half used role of duct tape that he uses to attach a pen to his gnarled hand while he writes. Words and incoherent sentences are scrawled across pages and pages of a yellow legal pad. All of the letters that he writes are directed to the NFL about problems that they have ignored, pushed aside out of greed for money. A light flickers in the…

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  • Manifest And Latent Functions Essay

    The sticky note has a small section of weak adhesive across the top back, that allows it to stick to surfaces, like a desk or a laptop. As opposed to a stronger adhesive like duct tape, the sticky note is literally “loosely enforced”, representing the leniency of folkway norms. Due to the small, flimsy nature of sticky notes, they tend to get lost from time to time. This represents how an individual can lose folkway norms fairly…

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  • Essay On Trampoline

    For most of us, bouncing is fun! No wonder there are plenty of trampolines everywhere. From our backyards to indoor gyms, to playgrounds, trampolines were being promoted as an efficient form of exercise for children and even adults. Likewise, trampolines are great for engaging everyone in the family in a fun activity. However, frequent use, extreme weather conditions, liquid and chemical spillage and other physical elements contribute to the fast wear and tear of trampolines. Once you see…

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  • Glorification Of Crime Essay

    Additionally, we can see the glorification of serial killers affecting our treatment of criminals and the severity of our jail sentencing. We see criminals getting shorter and shorter jail sentences for these horrific crimes. The justice system with Bates Motel is a direct reflection of what our system is becoming. Just like Norman the criminals are the ones who have power over everything. They hold power of the justice system, the police officers who enforce it, and us the citizens. We have…

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  • Importance Of Concussions In Sports

    Mark Fainaru wrote this documentary to enlighten us on what is really causing the football players concussions. Scientist were figuring out why players life spans were not very long. They bought it to the league which they were denying the true fact that were going on. The League kept denying the subject and tried to cover it up possible ties with the player’s concussions and their suffering on the football field and all the brain injuries. The league covers up the real reason why they are…

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  • Pop Filter Research Paper

    Pop filters When recording vocalists, you will most definitely need to place a pop filter between the singer and vocal mic. A pop filter will cut down on the mini-explosions of air that happen when a singer says “B” or “P”. Don’t ever leave this job for a compressor down the line. Pop filters also serve the secret purpose of blocking all spit spray from reaching your prized vocal mic. It is not uncommon to find studios stacking two pop filters depending on the singers style. Here are a couple of…

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