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  • Olympic Torch Research Paper

    The Olympic Torch and the torchbearers visit many places and see many unique and interesting locations. The Olympic Torch Relay has a very intriguing history, includes fascinating people, and inspires many today. First, being the opening event of the Games, the relay is a great way to start watching the Olympics and has a great history to go along with it. The story of the Olympic Torch Relay goes back to the original games in Olympia, Greece, and is reflected in the modern Olympics. In the…

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  • Analysis Of The Parent Trap By Mark Hyman

    the youth sports world works. The authors main theme of this book was to give an overview of the youth sports industry by providing real life situations. Some of theses real life situations included families from all across the United States. Now, Hyman’s process of putting these family testimonies required a lot of hard work. During this process, Hyman will interview the family about what they have done for their child 's sports lives while also providing facts on that particular sport. While…

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  • Personal Narrative: Parkland Buddy Sports

    when passion is born.” (Zig Ziglar). I am most passionate about Parkland Buddy Sports, a volunteer program where people with disabilities are assisted in playing sports. Joining this program has revealed to me who I truly am, since the day I joined I have rarely missed a day. This program has allowed me to tap into my inner-self and gain new skills while finding my own path and reasons to push forward. Parkland Buddy Sports is all about making life-long friendships and having a good time. When…

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  • Work Ethic In The Blind Side

    The Blind Side has always been a favorite movie of mine. Watching the movie when I was younger, truly opened my eyes to the harshness of society and the hard work of excellent athletes. Work ethic shown in athletes in expressed through their hard work and determination. This can be seen through their constant efforts to become better at their craft. The story of Michael Oher is one I will never forget because of the way it has motivated me as a student athlete. Through the story of Michael…

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  • Kaminsky Exemplification Essay: Should Youth Sports Stay Healthy?

    Kids who play sports get to have a benefit of having better health than others that do not play sports. Amy Kaminsky ex television producer from livestrong.com states that one way for kids to stay healthy is for them to play sports. Amy Kaminsky Ex Television Producer also states that they learn to have social skills and teamwork. So with that bit of information youth sports are not too intense. Kids get physical fitness, they learn good sportsmanship, and they get stress relief. First of all…

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  • Winning Is The Only Thing By Randy Roberts And James S. Olson

    James S. Olson. This book touches on the impact that the period after the second world war had upon the sports industry as a whole, and the issues that plagued the sporting industry. How the sports industry changed exponentially during the post war era, how these games were meant to be fun for the people playing them the core reason people played sports not for money or glory but to have fun. How sports went from something to be enjoyed by the people to forget that hardships of their daily lives…

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  • Badminton Discourse

    Badminton is a sport or hobby that people of all ages engage in, as this exemplifies that this sport is a initiative of fitness and weight loss which many people desire, as nearly 1/3 of the population of the world is obese. Many players are amateur and many are professional. Badminton is quite a world famous sport and majority of the countries joins the Olympics every four years. It is a sport played with a shuttle cock and a racquet. The game is easy to play once you get familiarized with it.…

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  • The Effect Of Sports: The Benefits Of Playing Sports

    Sport is an amazing way to get a better social lifestyle and get to know new people who share the same ideas and perspectives as you, but also people who share different perspectives. Playing sports can also increase social skills which are very useful in society. Learning important skills Fair play is an important social skill needed when you grow up because it teaches you not to cheat, and follow by the rules. Another benefit of a sport is the ability of the child to cope with wins and losses…

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  • Importance Of Fit Bike Helmets For Kids

    How to Fit Bike Helmets for your kids Riding a bicycle is considered to be one of the best joyful moments in life as it can be a lot of accomplishment and confidence to your little one. During school-age, bike accidents are the second leading cause of serious injury among children. To avoid such dangerous instances, it is necessary to undertake the concerned precautions. Wearing a bicycle helmet can reduce the risk of an accident by 85%. Most of the regions such as Seattle, Tacoma, and many…

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  • Importance Of Sports In Sports

    Sports activities and interests provide many positive opportunities for children. However, they can also cause some problems. Many parents believe that participation in sports will enhance children’s school accomplishments, while others believe that sports get in the way of their children’s achievement. Sports is an important part of a student’s life. It enhances their physical abilities and capacity. I believe that there isn’t too much emphasis placed on sports but it is a significant and…

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