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  • My Hero: A Short Story

    *Boom, boom, boom* The ball pounds against the ground then returns to the hand of the player. He looks behind his shoulder, only one second left. The player releases the ball from the tips of his fingers as it zooms towards the open man. He hops off the ground, ball above his head, perfect form. The sideline goes still. Watchful eyes of the fans gaze upon the drifting ball. “BWAAAAAAH!” The buzzer blares as the ball drops towards the rim. *SWOOSH*. The stadium erupts as the players run across…

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  • Persuasive Essay On The Benefits Of High School Sports

    “SPORTS ARE A HUGE PART of the American school experience. Last year, almost 8 million high school students participated in organized athletics” (Ripley 1). A high school athlete, said “There was no way I wouldn't play. I know I'm not going to be a professional soccer player, but I'm good at it, and the team atmosphere is something I love. It's not something I'm willing to give up easily” (“High School Sports Injuries” 7). Students benefit from participating in high school sports. According to…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Is Football Aggressive By Nature

    Football is a sport that inspires people. Not only players but everyone involved is passionated about it. People find in football a motive to be happy. It has become a show that affects not only the pitch but society. It raises so many emotions that awakes both the best and the worst side of fans. But, is football aggressive by nature? Or the fans are the ones who cannot control themselves as individuals. On the one hand, as it has been already said, football requires lot of passion and energy.…

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  • What Is The Dark Side Of Sports In The 1960's

    The dark side of sports is nothing new to the modern society, in the 1960s drug testing for all sports was born. February 1968 at the Olympic Games, was the first time a drug testing was brought to light. Fans and critics saw how the game of sports was slowly changing in various ways that could possibly affect a player's health while playing sports. Growing up playing sports, a child goes through too many pressure that's being thrown at him all angles such as the parents, the coach, and…

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  • High School Football Research Paper

    player). Like Mike many High School students will have the chance to receive scholarships and grants from different sources just because they were apart of their school’s team.”Football is the number one scholarship sport at the college level with more full-ride scholarship than any other sport.” Playing football can open a variety of options for life after high…

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  • Kids Should Participate In Competitive Sports

    play organized sports (Atkins). Sports give kids an outlet for physical activity, and teach them valuable lessons such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and listening. However, if you start a child in competitive sports too young then they can burnout, and may cause unnecessary pressure on the kid. This might make the sport not fun for the child anymore, or take over their life and make it kind of an obsession. There are also many benefits for kids to participate in competitive sports, such as…

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  • High School Sports Are Beneficial To Students

    children to join sports and different types of clubs. But are sports beneficial to them? Some parents may argue that they just add more pressure but there are plenty of benefits that can override some of the disadvantages. High school sports are beneficial to students because it teaches students good sportsmanship, and later forms good citizens. This is important because it proves kids who participate in sports will have a better impact on society. When kids are not involved in sports, they…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Why Sports Are Good For Children

    Sports are Great for Children Imagine being fit and fifty years old because you have been playing sports since you were three. Playing sports is a great source of exercise for children, and it keeps them out of trouble. Children can build their confidence by playing sports. [Children should play sports because it gives them a job opportunity in the future, improves their social skills, and keeps them fit in a fun way.] Sports have offered many job opportunities for teens. In fact, you can…

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  • Coach's Influence In Sports

    ever influenced or changed your opinion on a sport? This has happened to me personally in baseball, as I went from loving the sport to quitting and never playing again because of the negative influence of one coach. In a study done of influential groups on youth, coaches were found to have the number one impact on youth (The Importance). The encouragement coaches have can be both positive and negative. Their guidance can make players enjoy the sport even greater, or make them no longer…

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  • Kids Should Participate In Extreme Sports Analysis

    According to “Should Kids Do Extreme Sports? “ by Lauren Tarshis, two beneficial factors of extreme sports are that they build discipline and confidence, also like other sports, keep kids healthy and fit. Tarshis shows many examples in the passage of why kids should participate in extreme sports, as well as why they shouldn’t. Kids should participate in extreme sports because there are many benefits and if they have the skill and willingness to confront the risks, then they shouldn’t be held…

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