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  • Youth Athletes Should Give Out Participation Trophys

    Youth sports should give out participation trophy's to a certain extent. At A young age , athletes should get one. An athlete older than 12 should not receive a participation trophy . They should have to earn their reward to show they have accomplish their goal. What if everyone got a reward for doing what they were suppose to it would lose its meaning . Should youth sports give out participation awards absolutely . Youth athletes need to be motivated and giving out participation…

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  • Sports In Phineas

    Sports, all schools have at least one sport like football, baseball or basketball, Devin has several sports that it has to offer to its students for swimming, football, and other sports. Sports are a big thing to some people like Phineas in the novel, he was very athletic and did a variety of sports until he had his accident at the tree Which put him in a cast and then a cane and shortly he fell down a set of marble staircase in which brought him to his death from the bone marrow that entered…

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  • Texas Marathon Essay

    Texas Marathon Trails Will Give You Healthy Running Goals Sports are such activities (exercise) that keep us fit as well as rejuvenated among which running/jogging is every one’s favorite. Following under the same category a marathon is a long distance running event which is generally run as road race. Having an interesting historically backdrop, every year many marathons are been carried out where thousands of participators or competitors take part across the world. Moreover, arrangement of…

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  • Essay On Pro Athletes Deserve High Salaries

    Interests like that take time and building up to become successful. Some may say that athletes have too much of a salary. But you're there in the upper level to entertain a specific crowd that interests your hobby. Say that you are to play sports all your childhood, then if you're truly determined to take yourself up a notch then you may become popular on the way. Children may think of themselves becoming famous, rich, and known throughout the world. And they may pursue those dreams,…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Sports Analyst

    Ever since I could remember, there was always a sports game going on my TV. It could have been a soccer, basketball, baseball game, it didn’t matter. The thing that stood out to me the most, though was the fact that sporting events were so inherently different form everything else I knew. Not in the sense that sports were something that I didn’t know about, but sports brought people together of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, etc… and I had never seen that before. All the institution that I…

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  • Golinkin Dangerous Sports

    has played a dangerous sport, and possibly got hurt from it. Like Jeb Golinkin in the article, “Why Parents Should Let Their Kids Play Dangerous Sports.” Golinkin makes an argument about whether children should play dangerous sports or not. Although Golinkin’s does supplies ample amounts of suppurating evidence his end clam is not supported in the article. To quickly summarize: Golinkin’s main point in the article is persuading parents to let their children play dangerous sports. Golinkin…

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  • Being On A Team Essay

    Even though there are many benefits that come along with playing sports, there is also a negative side that come along with playing sports. Some benefits involve getting a scholarship to colleges, playing sports builds your confidence, and many more benefits come along with being on a team. Some negatives that come along with being on a team are, someone gets physically hurt, or someone gets picked on for not getting to play as much as the other people on the team. First and foremost, playing on…

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  • Persuasive Essay: The Role Of Violence In High School Sports

    Sports, at their core, are naturally violent. They tend to take the anger and frustrations of being a young adult and transfers that into good, clean fun. However there may be a reason as to why high school sports, in general, may be more violent than intended. High school sports are violent due to the competitive nature of them, the passion kids have to win, and also the influence of physicality through the coach. Sports have always brought out the competitive side to people. “[People believe]…

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  • Rough-And-Tumble Play

    Almost all sorts of play involve some sort of locomotor movement. What distinguishes locomotor play is that it is physically vigorous, whereby metabolic rate observed during this sort of play is well above resting metabolic rate (Simons-Morton, 1990). Subtypes of locomotor play includes exercise play and rough-and-tumble play. Benefits of locomotor play is suggested to be immediate (Pellegrini & Smith, 1998b). Exercise play includes running, jumping, swimming and climbing. Such play starts at…

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  • The Challenges Of Sex-Integrated Sports In Sports

    Zayra Calderon once said, “You have to have the drive to tackle something a little bit bigger than you”(Ross 129). Sex-integrated sports means that sports teams are made up of both genders. Many people believe it is too dangerous physically and socially for girls to participate in boy sports. Often times there are girls who have a passion for sports and an athletic ability that deserves to be shown off, even if it means playing with the boys. Girls deserve the equal opportunity to play among the…

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