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  • Should Sports Be Open Play

    standard definition for a sport? Does a sport have to involve running, open play and big winnings? Yes, right? Well yes… It does have to involve an opponent and either a physical or mental challenge to win. All of the definitions don’t fit every sport so what is a sport? These are all the questions we ask, some we can answer, some not but here is my opinion, as well as many others; combined to make a true definition to what a sport is. I will write about the different sports that people would…

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  • Sports Persuasive Essay

    As you can see sports are one of the few things that people all around the world can communicate with without having any sort of barrier. So when the debate comes up about whether or not sports should be regulated, it's almost natural to ask why? Why should sports need more regulations when football players walk on the field with pounds of gear on, or boxers have referees, or people are thoroughly informed of the harm that sports do? Why should our energy be focused on making sports safe so that…

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  • Why Do Youth Athletes Get Overpaid

    that should drive you to want to do better. Some sport organizations have a "Trophies for all" policy. This policy means all the athletes receive some type of reward regardless of their athletic ability. Others disagree with this policy saying rewarding youth athletes like this can give off the wrong message. However others believe otherwise, saying that there is nothing wrong with giving out these trophies…

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  • Explain Why Children Should Play Sports Essay

    should play sports Did you know that the percentage of children who played sports dropped by four percent from 2009 to 2014? (source). The participation of sports for children is an important factor in their development. It helps prevent child obesity, it boosts their confidence and teaches them teamwork, and helps them learn crucial skills such as balance, coordination, flexibility, and many more. Also, team sports don't only teach children the specific skills that are needed for that sport;…

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  • Youth Athletes Should Give Out Participation Trophys

    Youth sports should give out participation trophy's to a certain extent. At A young age , athletes should get one. An athlete older than 12 should not receive a participation trophy . They should have to earn their reward to show they have accomplish their goal. What if everyone got a reward for doing what they were suppose to it would lose its meaning . Should youth sports give out participation awards absolutely . Youth athletes need to be motivated and giving out participation…

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  • Sports In Phineas

    Sports, all schools have at least one sport like football, baseball or basketball, Devin has several sports that it has to offer to its students for swimming, football, and other sports. Sports are a big thing to some people like Phineas in the novel, he was very athletic and did a variety of sports until he had his accident at the tree Which put him in a cast and then a cane and shortly he fell down a set of marble staircase in which brought him to his death from the bone marrow that entered…

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  • Texas Marathon Essay

    Texas Marathon Trails Will Give You Healthy Running Goals Sports are such activities (exercise) that keep us fit as well as rejuvenated among which running/jogging is every one’s favorite. Following under the same category a marathon is a long distance running event which is generally run as road race. Having an interesting historically backdrop, every year many marathons are been carried out where thousands of participators or competitors take part across the world. Moreover, arrangement of…

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  • Essay On Pro Athletes Deserve High Salaries

    Interests like that take time and building up to become successful. Some may say that athletes have too much of a salary. But you're there in the upper level to entertain a specific crowd that interests your hobby. Say that you are to play sports all your childhood, then if you're truly determined to take yourself up a notch then you may become popular on the way. Children may think of themselves becoming famous, rich, and known throughout the world. And they may pursue those dreams,…

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  • How To Be Able To Play Football

    If I was a parent I would let my son or daughter play football. I believe it is a sport even though it is dangerous since it can cause concussions and other negative effects. I would make the decision by seeing how passionate my child is with the sport. I would want my son to be happy and I would support him. However, I will make sure he is aware of the risks he will be taking. In my opinion, I think the player should still be allowed to play when he knows the risks he will be taking. Therefore,…

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  • Ade Adepitan Website Analysis

    With doing that not only are they being informed about his life, but the public is also being informed about how and adaptive sport can completely change someone's life. Their intended audience is probably, sports businesses, movie producers, media businesses…

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