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  • Why Do Children Should Play Sports

    The seasons of playing sports as a child and young adult are limited but the impact on one's self and the memories will last forever. Each child between the ages of 4-16 should play sports while growing up. By playing sports throughout the early years of life, it allows children to be physically active, as well as be educated on their decisions related to health. Unfortunately, there are many people who believe sports cost too much money. However there are more positive impacts than negative…

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  • What Does It Mean To Say That Competitive Sport Is Good For Kids

    that competitive sports are too much pressure for kids, while some people think it’s fun for them. Kids can stay active and learn very important such as empathy from competitive sports, mostly when they’re having fun. Sports also help kids concentrate if they aren’t pressured as much. First, kids will stay active while playing sports, especially competitive sports. You just have to know when you're being pressured to play the game/sport or if you're having fun. As a result, sports can keep kids…

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  • Persuasive Essay: The Role Of Violence In High School Sports

    Sports, at their core, are naturally violent. They tend to take the anger and frustrations of being a young adult and transfers that into good, clean fun. However there may be a reason as to why high school sports, in general, may be more violent than intended. High school sports are violent due to the competitive nature of them, the passion kids have to win, and also the influence of physicality through the coach. Sports have always brought out the competitive side to people. “[People believe]…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Sports Analyst

    Ever since I could remember, there was always a sports game going on my TV. It could have been a soccer, basketball, baseball game, it didn’t matter. The thing that stood out to me the most, though was the fact that sporting events were so inherently different form everything else I knew. Not in the sense that sports were something that I didn’t know about, but sports brought people together of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, etc… and I had never seen that before. All the institution that I…

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  • Should Sports Stay In Schools Research

    esteem. Sports at school can give you exercise and happiness. One reason schools should keep sports is because they provide health and exercise. Many people around the world are overweight. They probably didn’t play sports as a kid. Sports can burn off fat by running, lifting weights, and more. This proves that if they were to play sports as a kid, they may be more in shape. So sports should not only stay, but increase the equipment. At school, there is a lot of sitting and working. But sports…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Kids Playing Sports

    Essay. In these few paragraphs I am going to tell you about my opinion on how I feel about kids playing sport. Do you think kids should be able to play sport? Everyone has different thought on it. Here is my opinion on this topic. Kids should be able to play contact sports such as football, and hockey. Everyone is going to get hurt playing rough sports; everyone is going to end u getting hurt. Kids are usually about the same size, so they wont be going up against someone that’s 6 foot tall…

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  • Should Youth Sports Be Put In The Honest Desire To Win?

    . Youth sports have really turned into a shell of what it used to be. Sports are supposed to be fun for the kids, with competition, but not an overwhelming amount of it. The kids need the competition, for it was David A. Feigly, PhD, of the Youth Sports Research Council at Rutgers University, who said “True sportsmanship cannot exist unless there is an honest desire to win” (Robinson 19). Part of sportsmanship is putting in the honest desire to win, not just being a fair athlete. Being fair is…

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  • Golinkin Dangerous Sports

    has played a dangerous sport, and possibly got hurt from it. Like Jeb Golinkin in the article, “Why Parents Should Let Their Kids Play Dangerous Sports.” Golinkin makes an argument about whether children should play dangerous sports or not. Although Golinkin’s does supplies ample amounts of suppurating evidence his end clam is not supported in the article. To quickly summarize: Golinkin’s main point in the article is persuading parents to let their children play dangerous sports. Golinkin…

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  • Being On A Team Essay

    Even though there are many benefits that come along with playing sports, there is also a negative side that come along with playing sports. Some benefits involve getting a scholarship to colleges, playing sports builds your confidence, and many more benefits come along with being on a team. Some negatives that come along with being on a team are, someone gets physically hurt, or someone gets picked on for not getting to play as much as the other people on the team. First and foremost, playing on…

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  • Why Should Kids Compete In Extreme Sports

    Should kids compete in extreme sports was written by lauren tarshis. according to tarshis jet eaton was doing what he loved; jumping and flying through the air on his skateboard. he was trying to master skill called the “nine.” Again and again he whooshed down a 500-foot ramp called the “Mega Ramp” hoping to master the skill, the nine. jett fell and hurt himself. however he didn’t give up skateboarding jett’s father and many other people believe that extreme sports help them find who they…

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