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  • Strength And Weakness Of Self Analysis

    five traits/strengths describe me well. With that being said, I plan to employ all five strengths within my professional development. My actions for tackling discipline will be to recognize that everyone will not have a work ethic like mine. I must be able to adapt to others work ethics and way of accomplishing the task at hand. I must be able to seek out roles and responsibilities that have structures. Discipline is sought out by many in different ways. I must be able to explain that discipline…

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  • Reflection On Group Processes And Function

    healthy grief to lessen the probability of complicated grief. Each group should have anywhere from eight to twelve members. The adult groups will meet in the conference room at the Hospice of Lake Cumberland facility at six P.M. so that those that work a standard shift will be able to attend. The youth support group will meet at the student’s perspective schools in coordination with the principal and parent’s…

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  • Social Work Practice Proposal

    Application to Social Work Practice Link your proposal specifically to social work practice, roles and responsibilities, indicating how social workers could implement and facilitate this proposal. Application to social work practice. The topic under study must be relevant to social work practice, and links must be made to roles, responsibilities, knowledge and skills. The role for social workers in the gap in services for transitioning youth with mental health issues are multifaceted. They…

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  • Family Preservation Services

    group of TDT counselors who see and treat students during school time. • Describe the agency or organization with whom he/she works and the types of services provided? o Family Preservation Services offers a wide variety of different services to help face issues within the community. Mrs. Valera works in their school based service program. Mrs. Valera and her counselors work with children who have emotional and behavioral issues that keep them from being succssesful in a school environment. Some…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Discussion Questions For Group Work

    How do you go about making important decisions that are vital to your company? A. There are pros and cons to every decision, what I do is work with my team to outline the risks of the decision and outline the work we’ve done to build confidence that we won’t see the risk. Then I usually talk it over with subject matter experts on my team and decide which direction to go. 3. What do you expect from the other members in your…

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  • Reflection: Agency Evaluation Process

    enjoy the intake process and recording the CASE and SOAP notes. I am glad I was taught early on how important documentation is in the social work field. I understand now why the logs are important as well because it gives us a chance to reflect on what is really on our minds when it comes to our agency and the issues that are a part of everyday social work. I spent time at my agency this week working on my agency evaluation paper for another class as well. My agency evaluation and proposal…

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  • Essay On Passion For Social Work

    My passion for wanting to obtain my Master’s in social work comes from a multitude of things: my personal life story and being considered an “at-risk” youth; as well as, rearing two children who suffer from mental health disabilities and my 10+ years of experience in the social services field. Society places a negative stigma on mental illness; thus, making it hard for many to receive the assistance they need to be successful in their recovery. My passion lies in helping those who suffer from…

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  • Case Study Of Aging

    the Duke Center for the Study of Aging has an elder care consultation service department on campus. This department helps employees in finding the care and support for their loved ones who have Alzheimer’s or associated dementias while they are at work. To help support employees, Duke employs two full time social workers to fulfill the needed information…

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  • Homebound Seniors: A Case Study

    I am as of now satisfying my enthusiasm as Texas Southern University (TSU) social work intern at Interfaith Ministries Greater Houston – Meals on Wheels (MOW) which is located on 3303 Main St. Houston TX. 77002. “In 1955, the Houston Council of Churches dispatched Interfaith Ministries (IM) ancestor association, the Church Welfare Bureau, to sort out the Protestant group to clergyman to those in need. In 1964, the Bureau was revamped as Protestant Charities, a gathering that was joined and…

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  • Family Suicide Theory

    will allow the reader to see the similarities as well as the differences when analyzing these two concepts. Presenting real life situations and applying these theories to those issues will bring life to the concepts. Implications for military social work as it applies to the theories will then be assessed, and presented to demonstrate an approach for social workers to consider, when it is time to facilitate the therapeutic process. Overview of Theoretical Perspectives Theories of Suicide.…

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