Six Principles Of Persuasion Essay

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The Six Principles of Persuasion.

“Persuasion is the act or process of presenting arguments to move, motivate, or change the audience” [1]
There are six known principles of persuasion, as follows:
1 – Principle of Reciprocity: is the idea of giving back, being kind, and the same time expecting to cause an effect that will reciprocate the same action back. An example is when a waitress smile a lot, act pleasantly when helping customer, mostly likely she would get a better tip, as a reciprocation, unlike the waitress that does not smile, therefore reciprocation can be positive or negative, as in, you give what you get.
2 – Principle of Scarcity: basically makes one believe that they need something that they ca not have.
In the retail business
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However there are a few occasions where I make myself heard. In my line of work sometimes people do not have the visuals of what you are doing, because they are too involved getting their own work done, but what is forgotten is that we are all doing our parts to complete one big task. For instance I do billing and account receivables, but I also help with operations, once the AM team is gone for the day. In certain occasions, we quote jobs off our tariff, we call it “flat rate”, example would be a job that cost $117.26 we would round it to $100. However that information must be noted, so when billing the job, I would not follow tariff rates and charge $117.26, problem is that sometimes the notes were made in paper that never got to me, or most of the time, operations forgets to pass the message along. To persuade them, when helping in operations I started inputting that information on our computer system note under the jobs references number, and I would go ahead and make a verbal comment to the whole team of what I had just done, from them on they also started to follow that procedure, I didn’t actually have to tell them: “this is how it must be done, for it to work”, by simply doing it and using the principles of commitment, consistency and reciprocity, I was able to get them to adapt to my idea, without any pressure or adverse reaction, it was transition that simply made

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