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  • Case Study Of Sensodyne

    Introduction In this project, we choose a unique brush tooth product. This product help people to save their time and use a limited amount of toothpaste. Our goals for this project is to show how is the easy life and save time for the people. Also, because it is something new and unique for attracting customer. Furthermore, to inform the people about cost. Company and background about the brand. We chose Sensodyne brand because It is number 1 in the world for sensitivity to toothpaste. It…

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  • Personal Essay: My Dream To Be A Dentist

    It has always been my dream to become a dentist. My passion starts since the first time I went to a dental clinic to have a check up on my teeth. I was captivated by how calm and composed the dentist was at that time as he was fixing my teeth. He spoke soothing phrases such as ‘you’re a good girl’ and ‘you’re really good at taking care of your teeth’ to keep me comfortable and calm throughout the procedure. Since then, I have always been fascinated by this caring profession. I believe being a…

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  • Benefits Of Chewing Gum

    different kinds of gum are offered on the market. One may prefer a specific gum because of its added benefits like xylitol or gum with CPP-ACP. Other preferences may be its flavor or whether or not its sugar free. Chewing gum with the ADA (American Dental Association) seal is best because that means its sugar free. Non-cavity causing sweeteners such as cylitol, spartame, xylitol, or mannitol sweeten sugarless gums. Chewing gum that contains…

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  • Natural Remedies And Solutions: Toothache Natural Tips

    Toothache Natural Remedies Tips: The primary thing you can do in the wake of encountering a toothache is to ensure that your mouth is spotless from dental plaque microscopic organisms and nourishment trash. Tenderly brush and floss teeth or utilize a bury dental cleaner to expel any nourishment particles caught between teeth or amongst teeth and gums that may bring about bothering and toothache. At some point the agony is brought on by nourishment flotsam and jetsam stopped into a hole;…

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  • Dental Malpractice Case

    affiliation The appellant filed a dental malpractice against the defendant. The suit arose from an incident where a tray containing material used to make dental impressions stuck in the patient’s mouth. It required considerable effort to dislodge it. The force used to dislodge the tray allegedly injured the patient’s neck. The appellant went to the dentists to have her teeth cleaned. The dentist decided that she also needed an impression and instructed his dental technician to clean her…

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  • Patanjali Kanti Toothpaste Case Study

    PATANJALI’S “DANT KANTI” TOOTHPASTE IS the following big element Dental problems are the most extreme troubles which affect frame’s device very badly and leaves body proper for nothing as intake of eatables might be low throughout dental problems. This grabs the attention of the people to the pleasant alternative to be had to therapy them. For any product that we select it's miles important to look at the ingredients of the product and notice the starting place of the product that from where the…

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  • Exemplification Essay: The Importance Of Oral Hygiene

    Most of us, when we are very young, are taught good dental and oral health habits. And yet, even though we're aware of how important good oral hygiene is, we somehow fail to really take acre of our mouths as we get older. It's safe to say most adults in America brush their teeth at least once a day, but the figure goes down when we talk about flossing. That figure drops even more, rather dramatically actually, when we get into the subject of regular visits to the dentist. How many people are…

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  • Essay On Dentistry

    From middle school to high school I felt constantly pressured to figure out what I “wanted to do with my life” and now that I am in college it is time I start deciding what career I want to pursue. However, I am stuck between two careers that both interest me in different ways. On one hand I’d like to work in the dentistry field, more specifically pediatrics, and my other choice is Marine biology. Dentistry has always intrigued my but it wasn’t until I got the opportunity to intern at a local…

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  • Thymoquinone Essay

    indicated the roles played by Nigella sativa (NS), and its component, thymoquinone (TQ) in management of oral health and other diseases. The outcome of the reports became positive and paved way for further research on the role played by Nigella sativa in dental therapeutic items. A detailed preclinical and clinical research got performed on the molecular and cellular activities performed by Nigella sativa and thymoquinone, which forms its main elements. The experiment involved a Pulp Cap…

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  • Chew Sticks: A Case Study

    Overview A tooth brush is a piece of plastic with bristles. Chew sticks were discovered in Babylonia in 3,500 BC (Wikipedia, 2014) giving a glimpse into the history of oral hygiene. Oral health may still play a role in social status; whether or not your family can afford braces when you’re in grammar school, or if you pay out of pocket for whitening services. Not all procedures are available to all, but the need for a healthy mouth has been instilled in us for many years and is now a standard in…

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