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  • Welding Simulation

    Introduction Since the management team decided to assess the effective factors on the quality of the welding in the manufacturing process by utilizing simulation, we have to briefly describe the used simulation process called Design of Experiment (DOE) and understand the characteristic of such analytical process. Basically, the process of accumulating the data based on the observations is time-consuming and costly and miscalculation in the return of investment on the improvisation can be…

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  • Periodontal Disease: A Case Study

    misalignment or incorrect relation between the teeth of the two dental arches when they approach each other as the jaws close; and, when the interproximal contact area between neighbor teeth on a same arch is bigger due to tooth rotation or when such contact is open. Consequently, this unusual alignment cause the teeth of one arch not to have a nice contact area between them, fact that may predispose an individual to be more susceptible to dental biofilm accumulation and calculus formation.…

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  • Hemisection Case Study Examples

    occlusion, super eruption of opposing teeth, loss of supporting alveolar bone and a decrease in chewing ability. The treatment options to replace severely damaged and possibly unrestorable teeth include removable partial denture, fixed partial denture and dental implants. A guiding principle should be to try and maintain what is present. This case report presents one treatment option available in cases of molars affected by extensive periodontal lesions that threaten the loss of the tooth.…

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  • Becoming An Orthodontist In Dental School

    factor in their acceptance into an accredited dental school. In their junior year at a university students begin applying to dental school. Acceptance into dental school is not guaranteed, so often times the DAT, Dental Acceptance Test, is used to measure the student’s knowledge and plays a role in the acceptance of the student. It is the student’s job to shine and work hard and to exceptionally well in undergraduate school. Once you are accepted into dental school your first 2 years will be…

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  • Oral Health

    people who are edentulous are slowly decreasing. Statistics from 1962 show that 12% of those who are over the age of 75years had adult teeth, however this figure had risen to around 20% in 1988. Moreover the number of elderly people who need essential dental treatment is also on the rise, which has led to more resources being directed towards them. The proportion of people in the elderly dependent population with high plaques (visible) is substantially higher in comparison…

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  • Maxillary Canine Impaction Case Study

    condition , and dentists must be ready to manage the situation. Early detection of impaction with time interception, and well-managed orthodontic and surgical treatment, impacted maxillary canines can be guided to erupt in an appropriate location in the dental arch.(1) Maxillary permanent canines position is very strategically important in keeping the occlusal relationship symmetrical and harmony. The upper canine are the most impacted tooth(excluding 3rd molars) with prevalence between 1% to…

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  • Dental Assistant Career

    the medical field; students then choose dental assisting. Dental assistants have always been seen as the nurses in the dental field, but in fact dental assistants come nowhere near nurses; therefore, students who are undecided, it is a wise choice…

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  • Evidence Based Dentistry

    Oral care is crucial in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Failure to maintain a good oral health would lead to oral disease, from children to the elderly. Obtaining a dental care could be expensive and therefore dentists are obliged to provide the best possible outcome and most effective treatment through current methods relevant to a patient’s problem. Ineffective passing of information could possibly result in prescribing the wrong treatment and ignorance towards current methods and…

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  • Oral Microbiome Essay

    Oral Microbiome 10: Reflection 3 One a daily basis the human mouth can come in contact with many different materials and organisms. “The human mouth is home to billions of individual microorganisms, including viruses, protozoa, fungi, archaea, and bacteria” (University of Minnesota Department of Biology Teaching and Learning, 2016, p. 21). In specific, during this lab we are looking at Streptococcus mutans (S. mutans) and Lactobacilli. In studies, it has been shown that yogurt has helped…

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  • Summary: Theoretical/Conceptual Paradigm

    wound healing in various medical and surgical cases. As such this can be a promising innovation in the field of dental surgery, as well as in dental implantation procedures. Further, the two preparations may serve as filling materials that rapidly promote natural bone regeneration in dental cases that demand bone replacement…

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