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  • Water Fluoridation Essay

    Justifiable? Dental caries (tooth decay) is a chronic disease that affects all ages, and remains one of the most predominant diseases in New Zealand. If left untreated, possible ramifications could include, tooth loss (which may result in an undesirable appearance), pain, and infection. Therefore from an early age, it is essential to establish and implement good oral health practices. Examples of these practices (although not limited to) are, regular dental examinations by a dentist or dental…

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  • Dental Implantology Case Study

    ‘Dental implantology is the field of dentistry that is concerned with the replacement of missing teeth and their supporting structures with artificial prostheses anchored to the jawbone (Association of Dental Implantology, 2012).’ It is an excellent way of replacing missing teeth without damaging the neighbouring teeth as done in the case of fixed bridgework. The success of dental implants largely depends on appropriate case selection. To formulate an appropriate treatment plan, the following…

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  • Essay On Dental Hygiene Interview

    insights about why and how he chose the dental profession, what skills are most useful, the advice he would give to students who are pursuing in the dental field and what goals he has yet to achieve in the near future. We also discussed his education, his plans on the dental industry’s current and future challenges, and what areas he feels that need improvements and his plans to improve. Thought the years as Dr. Castellano was growing up he had plenty of dental work done as a child. He was…

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  • Application Essay: A Career As A Dental Assistant

    Ideally, right from an early childhood, the commencement of a kid 's primary dental visit must be when the first tooth emerges in the oral cavity. Nevertheless, in a developing country like India, the first visit is scheduled when the kid accidentally chips off the anterior tooth while playing or until an unbearable toothache ascends. My foremost encounter with a dental clinic initiated when my sibling had to undergo an orthodontic treatment. As a child, I saw my sister in an intense angst when…

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  • Dental Dentistry Research Paper

    there of your mouth. Your dental expert may need to take x-pillars and likewise photographs with a particular finished objective to demonstrate the reality of the reconstructive strategy. If you chase down restorative dentistry specialists; at first meet your dental expert, relatives, and dear mates. With an extended number of people needing surgery done on their mouth; more people are going into the remedial dentistry field as opposed to family dentistry. A remedial dental authority may be…

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  • Dr West Toothpaste Analysis

    Dr. West’s Toothpaste Advertisement In 1929, Dr. West’s sensational toothpaste was advertised to America for the first time. Dr. West’s Toothpaste is a dental hygiene product that is made to be a fast acting polisher for the teeth. This sensational product is made to restore the natural smoothness to your smile and brighten the enamel of your teeth. Made by the Western Company (Western CO.), the oral hygiene product was produced in the United States in areas such as, New York, and Illinois,…

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  • Inventory (LCI): Life Cycle Impact Assessment And Interpretation

    Life cycle inventory(LCI), Life cycle impact assessment and finally Interpretation. Goal and scope, is the start of an explicit statement and this will set up the scope of the product. Life cycle inventory is an analysis with the goal of listing the products to and from the nature. The outcome of this is typically a flow chart. Life cycle impact assessment, is pretty straight forward given the name. This is aimed to evaluating the potential environmental impact each step from the LCI flow chart.…

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  • Benefits Of Pet Dentistry Essay

    Need for Pet Dental Care: Pet Dentistry in Ft. Belvoir VA Along with regular health exams and check-ups, pets also need dental exams and cleaning. A large majority of pets develop some form of dental disease throughout the course of their lives. Consistent dental exams and cleaning can prevent dental disease and the spread of infections. Pet dentistry is essential in properly caring for your dog and ensuring they live and long healthy life. The Harmful Effects of Dental Disease Dental disease…

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  • Dental Hygiene Internship Report

    with dental hygiene programs, only twenty two students are accepted and I was very well aware that it was a very competitive program to be accepted into. I started to enjoy college a lot I loved to study hard to receive incredible outcomes, it made me want to only work harder and challenge myself more. I enrolled to take all the prerequisites in order to apply for dental hygiene program and on March 19th 2014 I received what I believe to be my greatest accomplishment, the acceptance into dental…

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  • Dental Clinic Case Summary

    equipment failed? a) Dental chair We are testing chair practically every day when we are switching chair on. If the chair is not moving we checked the main switch on the side at the bottom, if the pressure is on in bottle with water for procedures and if the switch over the table with computer is on. If all is on and chair is still not working, we let know our lead nurse as soon as possible and she will contact DGB company who does maintenance and repair for our dental surgery. Dental chair is…

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