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  • Microleakage Case Study

    The optimum dental treatment for any patient is to restore teeth function and esthetic while removing the least amount of tooth structure, and replacing it with a dental material that will be biocompatible with the tooth and resist the hostile oral environment. Dental materials are incorporated into the teeth structure by retention. This retention can accomplished through mechanical, chemical adhesion or bonding mechanisms between materials and the dental structure. Mechanical retention is…

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  • Cosmetic Dentistry History

    fill cavities, the same is being done today through composite materials made of glass and plastic that look much more natural in appearance. For a missing tooth advances in cosmetic dentistry have ensured availability of multiple options including dentures, bridges and dental implants. Now, people all over the world from those living in megacities like Dubai to those living in small towns have dental clinics nearby from where they can get dental treatment. The ancient methods of using urine for…

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  • Dental Clinic Research Paper

    their satisfied patients. -The basic dental examination This is probably the most important of all dental procedures. A dental exam can spot any potential issues that are underlying in the patients mouth. This office makes sure that no tooth is left untouched as an oral exam, gum disease evaluation, oral screening examination, as well as examination for the common tooth…

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  • Cosmetic Dentists

    Charlotte use direct composite fillings. You can even have a crown put over your tooth if you have a large filling. A dental crown will fit over your entire tooth. You may need the crown to: • Cover a misshapen tooth • Restore a chipped tooth • Keep a dental…

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  • Dentist Personal Statement

    applying to dental school. It is your permit to offer yourself .Each student who applies to dental school is going to have the same scholastic capacity thus your personal statement needs to set you beside different students through different techniques. Functioning as a Dental Assistant is a brilliant take off platform to turning into a dental hygienist or dental specialist. The authorizing and preparing are marginally distinctive for each of those positions; however the experience a Dental…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Dental Crowns

    Do you need a dental crown or bridge? Heritage Dental Group can help. Dental crowns are a more permanent solution to dental repairs and cosmetic dental needs. They are custom-made to fit your teeth, replacing the natural surface of the tooth to give extra strength to teeth that have been weakened by extensive filling treatments, as a repair to broken and chipped teeth, and as an effective cosmetic improvement to the appearance of misshaped and discoloured teeth. Heritage Dental Group’s fully…

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  • Criminological Odontology Case Study

    Criminological Odontology is an investigative part of dentistry that breaks down dental confirmation for human ID. The Federation Dentaire Internationale (FDI) characterizes legal odontology as that branch of dentistry, which, in light of a legitimate concern for equity, manages the best possible taking care of and examination of dental confirmation and with the correct assessment, and presentation of dental discoveries. Dental ID accept an essential part in the recognizable proof of remains…

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  • Dental Sculpotomies: A Case Study

    Introduction: The dental pulp is a loose connective tissue that is found in the center of the tooth. Its primary function is the formation and support of the dentine that surrounds it (Solómon, 2015). The pulp has the unique reparative capacity where it can cause the differentiation of new odontoblasts and in turn lay down dentine. The pulp can be damaged and this leads to the need for treatment. It can be damaged due to trauma either directly or from restorative procedures, an open restoration…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Edison Dental

    This past summer I was able to intern at Edison Dental 27, which is located on Route 27. For the past 5 years my siblings and I have been coming to this clinic. This was where we got our braces and got our cavities filled. Out of the many dentists in Edison Dental, I was able to observe Dr. Yau-Ting Lam, a Pediatric Dentist. I know Dr. Lam personally because he filled all of my cavities from when I was young. Dr. Lam treats me as family and each time I go to him either for a checkup or getting…

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  • Effects Of Composite Patching On CCT

    A final study that was explored focused on the importance of finite element analysis for analyzing the effects of composite patching on CCT. According to [S3], FE analysis is helpful because it leads to a direct computation of both the SIF and stress-distribution field. This study used 2024-T3 aluminum with a glass and epoxy composite patch. Cyclic stress was applied to patched and unpatched aluminum specimens, and the Mindlin FE Approach was used to analyze the resulting data. Results showed…

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