Dental Hygienist Research Papers

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The repair of dental caries is one of the most frequent procedures performed in the dental office. Even patients that regularly visit the dentist and receive routine cleanings are likely at some point to require a repair of dental caries or fillings. It is estimated that caries affect 60 to 90% of school children, the majority of adults, and their repair occupies most of a dentist’s time.1, 2 The management of caries is relatively standardized across dental offices. It involves making an accurate diagnosis, cleaning the cavity and filling it with restorative material. 1 A dental hygienist is essential in assisting the dentist in identifying potential caries and informing the patient about treatment including filling materials. The following review discusses the two primary materials used to fill caries amalgam and composite resin. There has been vigorous debate regarding the effectiveness and safety of these filling materials in the scientific literature. This review will help dental hygienists better understand these materials, so they can better inform their patients of the pros and …show more content…
1 Although these findings seem to indicate amalgam is a better choice when it comes to durability, another study found composite restorations were more effective when reinforcing a highly fragile

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