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  • Compound Bow Essay

    Compound Bow: Introduction Introduction Bows are tools or weapons used by archers and archery hunters to compete in competition and harvest wildlife for food and trophies. The compound bow in particular, is a mechanical tool/weapon that enhances the primitive technology originally created by man to enhance accuracy when hunting or shooting at a target. Compound bows can be used for hunting various types of game as well as used for competition shooting. People of most ages with practice and…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Carbon Fibre Composites

    Coursework 1- Carbon Fibre composites compared to traditional metallic properties Introduction Carbon fibre is a material made up of thin strips of crystalline filaments of carbon woven together to create a cloth or combined with a resin or ceramics to strengthen the material. Carbon fibre is now overtaking traditional metals in where it is being used and the reasons why will be discussed further on in the report (Happian-Smith 2001: 1). Carbon fibre composites have become the leading material…

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  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Carbon Fibre And Steel

    saving time for another process such as painting. Plastics also tend to have faster cycle times and turnover rates. It is also lighter compared to metals are fairly chemical resistant and does not rust compared to some metals. 4.0.4 Fibreglass Composites - This material combines the resilience, stiffness, flexibility and strength. The resulting material is very lightweight, fairly…

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  • Veejay Plastic Case Study

    Veejay Plastic is a plastic injection molding company specializing in creating high quality, application specific plastic products and components for various industrial segments. At Veejay Plastic, we use a variety of industrial grade plastics including FDA approved, military grade, and lightweight plastics for aerospace and satellite applications. Our knowledge of plastic materials and advanced injection molding techniques allow us to take up any complex injection molding project. Types of…

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  • Textile Motorcycle Jacket Case Study

    Choosing A Textile Motorcycle Jacket - If, like me, you believe the pros of owning a textile motorcycle jacket far outweigh the cons, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind when choosing the one for you. Denier Rating - The denier rating of a textile motorcycle jacket denotes the weight of the strands used to create the garment. So if a jacket has a high denier rating, it will be thicker and more durable than a jacket with a low denier rating. Or, at least, that’s how it’s…

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  • Dimethyl Siloxane Case Study

    [Qin Yi, Fan Hui Li, 2012] using Dimethyl terephthalate instead of part of phthalic anhydride prepared Polyester resin with the excellent flexibility. He then used sol-gel technology to prepare silicone-modified polyester resin. The properties of the coting film, such as hardness, flexibility, solvent resistance and adhesion were studied and optimized. When compared with commercially available coloured polyester coating SM 3911, the flexibility, adhesion, rigidity , MEK resistance and…

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  • Case Study Of Steelair's Bimetallic Bearing

    bearing represents advancement in bearing technology and it can be assembled, accustomed or soldered into place. Along with high load capacity and good fatigue properties, it is also an excellent wear-resistant material. The bimetallic bearing is the composite of low friction copper alloy and is perfect for use when provided with excellent requisite strength and the finest carrying capacity by means of derived remains and secondary wedging technology. It is extensively used in automotive…

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  • Benefits Of Vacuum Vained Infusion Process

    Some of them are briefly discussed below: • Low cost: The fabrication procedures involved in the Vacuum assisted resin infusion process use relatively low cost equipment for the quality of composite manufactured. • High performance light weight laminates manufactured through this process are comparable to other more expensive manufacturing methods such as Autoclave. • Ability of the reinforcements to be handled in dry state leading to reduced…

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  • Reducing Costs: Functional Components

    MANUFACTURING COSTS: Functional Elements: The baby stroller is mainly composed of three materials: Nylon (woven, as fabric) Plastic (injection molded, for plastic parts) Steel (tubing, for frame) Fasteners are included in the assembly of different components of the strollers. The stroller would have to be manufactured on an assembly line. The fabric weaving and seat making, the plastic molding and the frame can simultaneously be manufactured in their respective work areas. Following are…

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  • GFRP Composites

    Machining of GFRP laminate materials is difficult due to their anisotropic and non homogeneity in nature which consist of distinctly different phases, their response to machining. Machining of composite materials is rarely avoided in view of losing the strength of components due to interlayer fracture and delamination damage. In specific situations where metal inserts are inevitable in case of joining or affixing with other mating part, in this situation milling and drilling operations can’t be…

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