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  • Persuasive Essay: Why Should College Be Free?

    For example a lot of them would worry about paying off their student loans before, and after college. Most college students usually have jobs just to pay for student loans and everyday living expenses. There 's a new study founded by Georgetown University over the past twenty-five years, more than seventy percent of student work while attending school ( Rapacon). It would be nicer for them to have to worry only about living expenses, instead of stressing out over their college bills. From…

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  • My First Day In College Essay

    college is one of the most stressful days of their lives. They simply do not know what to expect in this new environment. Even though it was stressful for me, too, it was also one of the most exciting days of my life. It was my first day of attending university in the United States which I knew was the first step toward reaching my ultimate goal. I got to meet many new and interesting people who shared similar interests to me. Overall, my first day of college at MTSU was a huge success. One of…

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  • The Importance Of College Students In College

    Does relationships, money, possessions, religion, make a person happy? According to the dictionary, happy is a state of being delighted, pleased, or glad, over a particular thing (“happy”). Many would disagree with this statement. Outside things can not make a person happy, because it comes from within the person. A person can live their life how they chose, it all comes from whats going on inside them (Henri). Everyone is searching for happiness in life, even college students. College students…

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  • Jenifer Delahunty Britz's Article: To All The Girls I Ve Arg

    The CU Boulder audience, diverse as it may be, would most likely agree with Britz 's conclusion. Although this may seem like an agreeable point of view, it also seems very unlikely that universities will adopt completely unbiased and fair selection methods in the near future. There simply isn 't a way to have both an unbiased selection and diversity. Different people don 't just fit in perfectly with the expected standards. Ultimately, there…

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  • How Do Social Forces Affect Your Life

    Social forces have a huge impact on everything in our lives. These forces impact what we choose to wear to what job we choose to have in life. These forces have a strong impact on shaping our life. One major status in my life in being a CSU Stanislaus student! This is a awesome status I inquired, but social forces pushed me into it! Today I am going to write about how this forces impacted this status! Okay so first let 's talk about social institutions that had an impact! Two Major social…

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  • College Essay: Is College Really Worth It?

    Lucy Moua Reid ELA 12 Period 4: U2SC 15 December 2016 Is college really worth it? I don’t know about you, but without a doubt, our parents and family has always lectured us from the beginning of our lives that receiving an education is the most important task. Receiving an education would be in fact, graduating out of college and with that is the key to the gate of an amazing ever-lasting career and life-long financial wealth. Naturally, going to college and receiving a degree has become a…

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  • Compare And Contrast Two Plagiarism

    Two Plagiarism Policies’ Comparison Acquiring acknowledge and creating your own thoughts is a complex process that most students face in college or university. Nowadays, in North America, plagiarism is a serious topic in academic life. Why? Because of two reasons: ignorance and immense information on the Internet that causes students think it is an easy way to accomplish any writing task, however, hardly they concern about the concept “plagiarism”. But what is plagiarism? Plagiarism is when you…

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  • Compare And Contrast Community University Vs Community College

    Community College Vs. Four-year Thinking, Thinking, Thinking… When it comes to Community College or a four-year University. There is a lot to think about. When they have just getting finish with High School, which that was hard by it self. College is the last thing most people are thinking about. Well let 's see which one is the best to start with. When selecting a school its want to make sure that it offers the classes and degree program that they are aiming to achieve. For example mechanical…

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  • The Importance Of Independent Learning

    emphasis on independent learning at university compared to college. Independent learning can be defined as being able to learn and motivate yourself on your own. When it comes to learning on your own, this is an important part of independent learning, as you have to be self-disciplined in order to allocate time for studying which could be in the library finding specific resources or completing old exam paper questions. Consolidation work is far more important at a university as despite the…

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  • The Importance Of Absenteeism In College

    Post high school education is the most important step for educating the young generation to be a part of tomorrow’s workforce of the society. Earning any diploma or certificate and graduating from college or university is important. If you want a better job and future, you need have a better education which will also help you to survive in bad times and for the chance to grow in your field. Therefore, it is important to study the absenteeism in any college. The term absenteeism refers when a…

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